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Kanji 101: Your Guide to Mastering the Characters

If you’re here, it’s likely because you’re captivated by Japanese culture. And if you truly want to immerse yourself in it, understanding their writing system is paramount. You’re absolutely right in thinking that mastering Kanji is the way to delve deeper into this fascinating culture. Allow “Kanji 101: Your Guide to Mastering the Characters” to […]

The Perfect Japanese Traditional Costumes

Are you attending an event with only an old costume from ages ago? Do you crave creativity but find your budget limiting your options? Fret no more! Discover the brand new world of Japanese Traditional Costumes. With countless costumes available, selecting one that truly suits your taste can be a daunting task. What’s even trickier […]

Show off your Spring Spirit with a Floral Kimono!

  The air is filled with the fragrance of blooming flowers, and the cheerful melodies of birds fill the atmosphere. Winter’s grip is finally loosening as the snow melts away. Although spring officially starts on March 20th, we are already embracing the spirit of this vibrant season. Excitement is in the air as we eagerly […]

Gear up with these Kimono Halloween Costumes

Japanese kimonos have evolved beyond traditional wear for formal occasions; they have embraced creativity and flexibility to cater to 21st-century tastes and preferences. The diversity of kimono styles has expanded, appealing even to the younger generation with contemporary designs. Gone are the days of strictly straight-lined and plain kimonos. As time has passed, kimonos have […]

Creating a Memorable Bed and Breakfast Japanese Experience

What motivates people to choose bed and breakfasts? Perhaps they initially needed a place to stay, and your establishment happened to have the last available room in town. But is it as straightforward as that? Often, it’s much more than just finding lodging. The distinction between staying at a hotel and opting for a bed […]

Professional Restaurant Uniforms

What impression do your customers have when they step into your restaurant? Is it the heavenly scent of fresh-baked bread or the tantalizing sizzle of a steak on a flat-top grill? Or perhaps, is it the sight of well-dressed restaurant uniforms? First impressions are paramount in the restaurant business. According to Forbes Magazine, you have […]

Choosing Traditional Japanese Clothing by Season

Traditional Japanese clothing, much like attire in other parts of the world, changes with the seasons and varies based on the type of event. Let’s explore the most common types of traditional clothing and when they are typically worn. Seasonal Choices In spring, traditional clothing leans towards bright colors and floral patterns. During fall, the […]

Authentic Japanese Kimono

Looking to buy unique Japanese kimonos online? Look no further, as you’ve come to the perfect place. There’s no need to search far and wide for that beautiful Japanese kimono you’ve been eyeing for so long. Shop now at Japanese Style for a wide selection of authentic Japanese kimono robes! Japanese kimonos have gained fame […]

Traditional Japanese Shoes

Japan has a fascinating history of unique shoes, all sharing a common feature: they resemble flip-flops! While in the West, flip-flops are considered the most casual footwear, in Japan, even the most traditional Japanese shoes feature a thong between the toes, making them suitable for various occasions, including weddings and dinner parties. Amidst a world […]

Children’s Kimonos

Similar to adult kimonos, children’s kimonos are robe-like garments fastened at the waist with a wide belt called an obi. While older women may opt for somber colors and muted designs, children’s kimonos come in vibrant hues and bold patterns. During festivals, children adorn themselves with matching accessories, including obi belts, shoes, and traditional hair […]

Wear Flannel Yukatas All Year Round

When the term “flannel” comes to mind, most people think of pajamas and plaid shirts. However, did you know that yukatas also come in flannel? Originally from Japan, the flannel yukata is made of cotton or soft synthetics and serves as a versatile garment suitable for any casual occasion. What started as a bathrobe has […]

Traditional Costumes for Children’s Day

Children’s Day, or Komodo No Hi, is one of Japan’s most cherished holidays. Throughout the entire month of May, boys and girls, accompanied by their families, adorn their homes with carp streamers and dolls representing Japanese heroes. These symbols embody success, prosperity, strength, and courage, particularly for Japanese boys. Sweet rice cakes, bite-size crackers, and […]

Traditional Japanese Clothing and Age

Traditional Japanese clothing adapts to the weather and seasons, with thicker kimonos worn during colder months, featuring winter-inspired patterns and designs. In contrast, summer kimonos boast brighter colors and thinner fabrics. Additionally, specific kimono colors and designs are worn by Japanese children during certain traditional festivals and celebrations. If you have any questions, feel free […]

Geta: Walking the Japanese Way

The Japanese are renowned for their intricate rituals and deeply embedded traditions that continue to influence their modern way of life. Among these distinctive traits that make the Japanese unique is their way of walking. While subtle in everyday situations, this characteristic is easily recognizable and closely tied to Japan’s history and culture. All-Purpose Shoes […]

The Essence of the Yukata

At first glance, yukatas may appear quite similar to kimonos, both being robes with flowing sleeves tied with a silky belt. Originally designed as bathrobes, their name even translates to “bathing clothes.” Initially made from simple dyed cotton and primarily used in bathhouses, yukatas have now evolved into a more casual and lightweight Japanese outfit, […]

The History of Happi Coats

  Happi Coats are traditional short, wide-sleeved overcoats worn by workers in Japan. Like many other garments in Japanese culture, they are wrapped around the body like a robe, but they only extend to the waist or hip, distinguishing them from kimonos. Happi coats have their roots in the traditional haori, which itself has influences […]

Traditional Occasions for Wearing Kimonos

In Japan, despite the prevalence of Western clothes in day-to-day wear, there are still numerous festivals, events, and special occasions where wearing a kimono remains deeply rooted in tradition: Birth of a Child – Wearing Kimonos: The birth of a child is a significant milestone in Japanese culture. When the child reaches the age of […]

Traditional Japanese Fashion 101: Yukata vs Kimono

The yukata, a long-sleeved, belted robe, has become a staple in Japanese fashion, finding its place in the Eastern daily wardrobe. While often mistaken for a casual kimono, these two garments differ significantly in modern Japanese society. Let’s explore the differences. The “kimono,” meaning “something to wear,” historically drew inspiration from Chinese regalia and was […]

The Obi: A Staple of Japanese Fashion

The obi is undeniably one of the most intricate and eye-catching elements of traditional Japanese fashion. It started as a simple sash, just a few inches wide, serving the sole purpose of tying clothes in place. However, during the Edo period, much like the kimono, the obi evolved into a fashion statement. It transformed from […]

Giving Japanese Kimonos as Gifts

Having difficulty selecting the perfect kimono as a gift for your friend? Allow Japanese Style to assist you! We have valuable tips to help you choose an appropriate kimono from our extensive collection of both kimonos and yukatas. Seasons play a significant role in Japanese fashion, with specific colors associated with different times of the […]

Kimono Patterns

A kimono can showcase a diverse range of beautiful art, but many patterns and images hold deep-rooted meanings in Japanese tradition. While some modern designs draw inspiration from Western society, certain recurring motifs have profound symbolism: Flowers: Chrysanthemum: Symbolizes long life and rejuvenation, adopted as Japan’s official emblem and associated with the imperial family. Karakusa: […]

History of the Kimono

The Unexpected Origins of the Kimono Although the kimono is now regarded as a symbol of Japanese culture worldwide, its history actually traces back to Chinese fashion. Before Chinese influence, the common garments in Japan consisted of two parts: a set of layered shirts and loose trousers known as “hakama.” However, during the Nara period […]

Accessorize with Japanese Hair Accessories

“Kanzashi” is a collection of traditional Japanese hair accessories with a deep-rooted history dating back to ancient Japan. These exquisite adornments thrived during the era of artistic silk kimonos, opulent court clothing, and the elegant geisha in their elaborate ensembles. Even today, kanzashi remains an integral part of Japanese culture and can be spotted at […]

Kimonos for Women

Historically, most styles of kimonos are for women. There are types of kimonos for every occasion, and they are ranked by formality. Many are for special occasions only, but there are plenty that you can wear out on the town. Type of Kimonos for Women Shiromuku “Shiromuku” are embroidered, all-white wedding kimonos worn by the […]

How To Wear A Kimono

Japanese Style has a wide selection of elegant kimonos for any event, but they are complicated garments, as you might have guessed. How does one wear a kimono? First, put on your undergarments. We have a separate article about Japanese traditional undergarments and how to wear them properly. Put the kimono on over the underwear as you […]

When to Wear and What Is A Kimono?

Wondering when to wear a Kimono? A kimono, until recently, was a form of formal dress in Japanese culture. Most people in Japan wore these routinely, there are types of dresses for every occasion, and they are ranked by formality. Many are for special occasions only, but there are plenty that you can wear out […]

How to Clean Your Kimono

How to Wash Your Kimono If your kimono has a sweat mark or a spill stain, now what? Don’t fret. While kimonos are fragile, it is still possible to clean them. Historically, kimonos were disassembled to clean and let wash in a river’s currents, but nowadays, you can wash your kimono in one piece and […]

How to Wear Kimono Undergarments

Kimonos have specific kimono undergarments that produce a layered look, and each piece of underwear has a role. In addition to improving your kimono aesthetic, they also help keep it clean from sweat and debris, and you can wash them much more easily than the kimono can. To properly wear a full set of kimono […]

What Inspires Japanese Pottery and Porcelain Designs

Japanese are well known for having good taste in designs. Of course, to be able to come up with beautiful designs, one must be inspired. Japan’s culture is definitely an inspiration to the Japanese and to all who have experienced the country. From their nature to history, the sun is continuously rising to illuminate the […]

Japanese Culture: What’s So Special with the Number 5?

Numerology has always played a part in the lives of people from the Orient. The Japanese, specifically, have a profound fondness for the number 5. A little backgrounder on the figure’s place in their culture will go a long way when you visit or meet someone from Japan. One of the more straightforward applications of […]

Sushi Gift Sets

Are you tired of thinking of cool and imaginative gifts for your friends? Or maybe stressed from the thought of giving them something they might already have? If so, you might need to give your presents a refreshing Asian twist. Stop giving them ordinary presents and get them something unique and creative they will surely […]

The Search for an Authentic Japanese Dining Experience

Most of us don’t just like Japanese cuisine – we absolutely love it! After all, who wouldn’t? Sushi, sashimi, tempura, soba – just the sound of these delectable dishes fill our tummies with delight. We know that in your quest to try to replicate an authentic Japanese dining experience, you’ve probably caught yourself buying your […]

Rules for Proper Chopstick Use

Historically, knives were considered weapons in Japan and not utensils used by guests at a meal. Instead of a knife and fork, the Japanese use a pair of smooth wooden sticks called chopsticks to eat their meals. If you have been to a sushi bar or traditional Japanese restaurant, you have almost certainly seen and perhaps used […]

Ideas with Bulk Chopsticks

Chopsticks are considered traditional utensils in Japan and other Asian countries. Over the years, even those of different cultures and backgrounds have come to learn and use them whenever they dine in most Asian restaurants. But have you ever considered what other wonderful ideas you can do with bulk chopsticks? Creativity Nowadays, people have become really […]

Japanese Tea Ceremony

“Chanoyu” means “hot water for tea,” but it is also the term for the traditional Japanese Tea ceremony. A historical part of Japanese Tea Ceremonies and is a form of art and of spiritual cleansing influenced by Zen Buddhism practiced all over the nation to this day. All aspects of chanoyu are heavily ritualized and […]

How To Clean A Steel Wok

Japanese Style carries woks made of carbon steel, a material that resembles cast iron and often has a blue sheen (hence the nickname “blue steel”). Like cast iron, carbon steel is sensitive material. It develops a dark nonstick coating that can last for years and make cooking and cleaning far easier than using an ordinary […]

What is Sushi Etiquette?

Freshwater eel, raw meat, and salty fish roe – who would have thought that these seemingly obscure dishes would eventually become a mainstream type of cuisine? Sushi etiquette is important in this centuries-old food from Japan; sushi is a well-loved cuisine worldwide. It became popular in Western cultures over the past few decades and has […]

History of Traditional Bento Boxes

Everyone is familiar with a rapidly growing food trend: bento boxes. The Japanese created bento boxes to pack lunches. Recently, they have become something of culinary art as many people make designs with food. Some boxes feature decorated rice. There are even bento art contests! But where does bento come from? How Bento Boxes Came to […]

How to Properly Serve and Drink Sake

Japanese rice wine is collectively referred to as “sake,” pronounced “sah-kay.” Unlike recreational drinking in most countries, drinking sake is an art. It requires the host to know everything from the temperature of the sake to the appropriate manner of pouring. Most Western countries do not practice the traditional way of sake drinking. However, authentic Japanese […]

Traditional Japanese Noren – Past and Present

The History of Traditional Japanese Noren Thousands of years ago, people wove curtains of long grasses, reeds, and large leaves in ancient Japanese times. This was to create a barrier from the elements. These curtain-like barriers evolved over the centuries and. These came to resemble what we know as Japanese Noren curtains. What began as […]

History of the Kotatsu Table

A kotatsu table is a low table with a wooden frame covered by a blanket or futon. It is a tabletop, and beneath it is a heater usually built into the table itself. This table is typically used as a dining table in Japanese homes. Origin of the Kotatsu Table In the 14th century, during the Muromachi period, […]

The Japanese Bathing Rituals

The Japanese are well-known for their Japanese Bathing Rituals. The simple act of brewing tea (chanoyu) or arranging flowers (ikebana) is taken so seriously that they have elevated art forms. Taking a bath is no exception, and for the Japanese, this is serious business. Bathing in Private While most people consider this act as something […]

Ukiyo-e’s Colorful History

Many art enthusiasts never get tired of the beauty of Ukiyo-e. You can still see houses decorated with Ukiyo-e paintings and home décors. This is because those who knew of its legendary beginnings also knew how valuable these art pieces are. The Birth of a Masterpiece You can trace the history of ukiyo-e art back to […]

Common Features of a Traditional Japanese Home

Chances are, you have probably seen an authentic Japanese film, television show, or at least one that is set in a Traditional Japanese Home. Even Hollywood movies or shows feature Japanese homes. And you may have noticed the unique, certain commonalities among them. Let’s discuss what these typical themes are. Email us here with questions. Sliding […]

What are the Parts of a Japanese House?

Picture a Japanese house; what do you see? No doubt you have a beautiful picture in your head of a mostly wooden structure, with sliding doors and cherry blossoms in its vicinity. Maybe there are a couple of Japanese sandals (called geta’sa) by the door, too. No doubt, it looks like a warm and proper home. […]

Genkan and Getabako

Visiting a house, apartment, or building someone in Japan is not as simple as you may think it is. Genkan and Getabako are traditional features of a Japanese home. Knocking on the door, ringing the bell, or giving a simple greeting is not enough for you to get into someone’s house. They follow a particular […]

Japanese Furniture Transforms your Home into a Zen Wonderland

Your home is where you spend most of your time, so it is important to fill it with Japanese Furniture. That said, design plays a vital role in ensuring that you will always look forward to coming home and spending quality time indoors. A good design helps transform your structure into a home. Your home […]

All about the Tatami Mat

When someone asks you what comes to mind when you hear the word “Japan,” what do you say? Common answers would be “sushi,” “cherry blossoms,” “geisha,” “sumo wrestler,” “samurai,” or perhaps even “Mt. Fuji.” An uncommon answer would be the “tatami mat” — an equally integral part of Japanese culture, as the other more popular […]

What About the Furoshiki Cloth Gift Wrap?

Furoshiki Cloth Gift Wrap is stylish, economical, and environment-friendly. First impressions last. This, too, applies to gift-giving. An exquisitely-wrapped gift is definitely impressive, and it makes the gift so much more exciting to unwrap. That said, your gift wrapper should definitely not be just an afterthought. You have to choose it very carefully, because it […]

The Legend of the Thousand Origami Cranes

Origami, the art of folding paper, is well-known to have originated from the Land of the Rising Sun. The paper crane is one of the most popular forms of origami. But did you know there is actually a legend behind building these paper cranes? What is the Legend of the Thousand Origami Cranes? Wishing for […]

Put the Traditional Noren Behind the Curtains

A Traditional Noren is a rectangular Japanese curtain, with vertical slits going from near the top to the bottom for easy access and viewing. Norens are split down the middle so people can easily go through them. These curtains are usually used and hung in the following ways: Entrances to shops, restaurants, and onsens (public […]

Why Japanese Gift Wrapping is More Important than the Gift Itself

Japanese Gift Wrapping is almost always just an afterthought, but it’s what’s inside that counts, after all. Not a lot of people bother with wrapping their gifts beautifully. Admit it – when you receive a gift, your first instinct is to tear the wrapper excitedly so you can find out and appreciate what’s inside. This […]

How to Best Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are important in Japan – The Japanese even hold flower viewing festivals to appreciate the bloom. In Japan, cherry blossoms are not just any other flower that blooms during fall; it also holds a great significance. It looks immaculately exquisite during the fall, but its life is short-lived. This is the main reason why […]

Gift Giving Etiquette in Japan

Gift giving is an intricate part of Etiquette in Japan, both in social and business settings. This can be uncomfortable for outsiders who are unfamiliar with the complicated social customs surrounding gift-giving in Japan. There are several gift-giving seasons, but it is also customary for visitors to offer their hosts gifts. When visiting Japan, it […]

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas – Chopstick Gift Sets

Gift-giving is one of the most daunting tasks a person could have. It is quite scary to think that your gift may be something that the person already has or is not really fond of. A present might be too common or too boring for the person you are giving them to. Importance of Gifts […]

The Japanese Byobu: A History

Even if you haven’t been to Japan, you’ve probably been to a Japanese restaurant or seen movies situated in Japanese settings. Most likely, you have noticed artsy folding screens. These screens are called the Byobu. They are composed of several panels designed with calligraphy and ornate paintings. The Byobu is used as a divider to […]

Mastering the Furoshiki Technique

Do you wrap your gifts like an artisan, spending time and putting attention to the littlest creases to make sure everything is perfect? Do you do it quickly, wrapping the gift just enough to hide it from plain view? Or do you even know how to wrap a gift at all? In any case, the […]

Learn about Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese calligraphy dates back to the origins of Chinese civilization and the creation of the Chinese writing system. Importing the Chinese writing system into Japan started the history of Japanese writing. When problems with linguistics and grammar arose from using kanji, creating a writing system that fit the Japanese language became necessary. It led to […]

History of Koinobori

If you have ever been to Japan or are familiar with Japanese culture, you will know that the koi are special animals to the Japanese people. These ornamental and domesticated carp are colorful and so are usually kept in fishponds both indoors and outdoors. The koi is also used to symbolize strength, energy, and power. So much […]

Japanese New Year: A Traditional Celebration of New Beginnings

Like most New Year’s Day celebrations, the Japanese New Year is celebrated following the Gregorian calendar every January 1st. However, the original celebration was really in line with the New Year celebrations of other Asian countries like China, Korea, and Vietnam. But no matter how similar the dates are, it is undeniable that the Japanese New […]

Hinamatsuri Girls Day

Hinamatsuri, also known as Girl’s Day or Doll’s Festival, is a traditional Japanese holiday celebrated annually on March 3rd. The festival is observed primarily by families with young daughters, and is a time to celebrate the growth and well-being of young girls. During Hinamatsuri, families display a set of ornamental dolls, known as hina-ningyo, which […]

The Significance of Cherry Blossoms

“Sakura,” more commonly known as the Cherry Blossom, is quite symbolic in Japanese culture. It’s not because of the beautiful pink hues of the petals or the trees’ stunning image as the flowers bloom; it’s because it blooms beautifully just after winter to welcome the people to spring. See the Significance of Cherry Blossoms! Cherry Blossoms […]

Style it with Chiyogami Paper

Japan boasts of a spirit of timeless craftsmanship. It is evident in the intricate designs of the Japanese products available in the market today. Different countries have long admired Japanese design due to the amazing attention to detail that their craftsmen put into their products. One of the most popular Japanese products on the market […]

What is Chimaki?

Chimaki is another famous Japanese dessert. It is commonly available every May in celebration of Japanese Children’s Day or kodomo no hi. May 5 is the national holiday originally for boys, but it became a children’s day for all boys and girls in 1948. Every 5th of May, children of all ages across Japan celebrate and […]

Gift-Giving Lessons from the Japanese

In Japanese culture, giving gifts to those you care about – friends, family, neighbors, teachers, business colleagues – is as much of a deep-rooted cultural tradition as it is a socially-expected obligation. From picking out the gift to wrapping, presenting, and receiving the gift, every aspect of the process is a finely executed art. Thus, […]

Why are Frogs Lucky to the Japanese?

The Japanese word for “frog” means is “kaeru.” While the kanji/kana involved in writing the words are different, they are pronounced the same way you say “return/to return.” See the Japanese lucky frogs. The frog can link with things or people returning to a place of origin. They are considered lucky and stay around so […]

Legend of Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat)

While it is believed that Maneki Neko (literally “Lucky Cat”) first appeared during the later part of the Edo period (1603–1867), the earliest documentary evidence of Lucky Cat comes from the 1870s. It was first mentioned in a newspaper article in 1876, and kimono-clad Maneki Neko were distributed at a shrine in Osaka during this […]

Cherry Blossoms: Wedding Planning and Décor

Cherry Blossoms can bring a gorgeous flair to any wedding. Planning for a wedding is generally a big endeavor. Whether you’re going for a traditional white wedding or not, the pressure runs high to satisfy all the expectations in a single day. It’s no secret that beneath the facade of perfect weddings are the messy […]

Personalized Sake Cups for Corporate Events

Have you imagined drinking wine from a box? Or perhaps using wonderful favor boxes to your events? You might want to get into an Asian-inspired idea of using wooden boxes. Try our Personalized Sake Cups! Wooden sake boxes are simple yet unique favors that you can use for your corporate events. Japanese Style would love to introduce wooden sake cups or masu. […]

Ikebana: The Art of Flower Arrangement

Japan is home to beautiful culture and traditions in literature, music, and visual and performing arts. Japan’s culture continues to evolve and spread throughout the world, not just in neighboring countries in Asia. One of the oldest forms of traditional art in Japan is Ikebana. Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It is a […]

Sake Cups and Engraved Chopsticks

So you’re having a Japanese-themed party. This means that you get to indulge in the freshest sushi and sashimi. You get to feast on succulent rolls, as well as donburi, tempura, maybe some sukiyaki, and udon. A Japanese-themed party is definitely not complete without sake, so prepare to imbibe copious amounts of it. You’ll need Sake Cups […]

Decorating Weddings with Paper Fans

Having a hard time choosing a theme that will make your wedding memorable? Worry no more because a stylish Japanese wedding concept has finally come your way. With elegant decorations that are still within your budget, you can transport your guests from the reception hall to the Land of the Rising Sun. Paper Fan perfect […]

Chopstick Wedding Favors

Looking for a unique and inexpensive way to add an Asian flair to your next party or event? Try our bulk chopsticks! These practical chopstick wedding favors can serve the purpose of eating utensils as well as a way for your guests to remember your special day. These chopsticks come in a variety of colors and […]

Top Unique Wedding Favors

Planning a wedding is all about the little touches. You have the lights, the music, the food, but what about the wedding favors? In today’s Pinterest-inspired world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find unique details to make your wedding stand apart. That is why we created this list of the top five wedding favors, […]

Japanese Wedding Traditions: San San Kudo

Japanese culture is rich in tradition, and wedding ceremonies are no exception. Many couples wear traditional kimonos and perform the San San Kudo’s binding ceremony, which translates as “three three nine times.” San San Kudo began in the 1600s and is one of the oldest ceremonial wedding traditions. Performing San San Kudo Wedding Ceremony This ceremony is […]

Japanese Hand Fans

Japanese hand fans are an important symbol in Japan. Warriors used them to form weapons, actors and dancers for performances, and children as toys. In Japan, fans are given to others as presents and serve as trays for holding gifts. You would also find them sometimes used in religious ceremonies and events. The Japanese believe that the […]

How to Hang A Paper Lantern

Looking for help on hanging up your paper lanterns? Follow this simple guide to hanging your lanterns. All of our paper lanterns also come with detailed instructions and images. Have more questions? Email us here! STEP 1 – Set up the Expander Setting up the expander is easy, but one must be careful while doing […]

Fans and Parasols: The Perfect Japanese Gifts

Japanese culture and heritage involve not only traditional practices but also instruments and elements. Everything in Japan from chopsticks, to kimonos, has a great cultural meaning and significance, which deserves full recognition and respect. In this aspect, we can attest that every Japanese-inspired item is a great learning tool in really understanding Japan in its […]

Creating a Modern Flare in Traditional Japanese Weddings

Nowadays, Western-style ceremonies have become a popular choice for couples in Japan. A Western-style ceremony consists of a stereotypical chapel wedding with a priest or minister officiating the wedding. While this practice does not necessarily violate any law in Japan, it does, however, overlook the fact that traditional Japanese wedding practices are often neglected due […]

An Expat’s Guide to a Japanese Wedding

If you are working in Japan and want to get along with your peers and superiors, you have to immerse yourself in their customs and traditions like Japanese Weddings. Chances are, you will get invited to an authentic Japanese wedding. The June bride is also common in this country as many Japanese weddings also happen […]

The O-Bon Festival

The O-Bon festival, commonly known as the Lantern Festival, is actually a Buddhist celebration that lasts for three days, from July 13th to 15th. Depending on the region, some celebrate it a month later. It is characterized by the lighting of lanterns outside houses and sometimes even beside the dead’ graves. So what makes the lanterns so […]

Japanese Wedding Traditions

Sake Ceremony Known as one of the oldest Japanese Wedding Traditions, san-san-kudo, or the sharing of sake, is still performed today. This custom is the heart of a Japanese wedding ceremony and takes the place of vows. The groom, then the bride, takes three sips of sake from three different sake cups. They then offer […]

Japanese Gift Giving Customs and Traditions

The concept of gift-giving is fairly simple – you give someone a token of appreciation during special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and the like. You may also opt to give people close to you gifts for no apparent reason other than you want to, or you think they deserve a reward for a job […]

How to Decorate with Paper Lanterns

With the wide diversity of home lighting styles available, it can be challenging to choose which style you like the most. With all their many colors, patterns, and sizes, paper lanterns offer a versatile choice for any room in your home or your special event. Decorating with paper lanterns adds form and function to your space. […]

Decorating with Paper Lanterns

There are few items more DIY-friendly than paper lanterns. They are beautiful and are easy to customize with different lighting. Plus, they are so much fun to decorate with! Try bunching different colors together, adding paper butterflies or flowers, or attaching a lace trim. Weddings Paper lanterns are seriously the perfect addition to just about any wedding décor. […]

Common Customs and Traditions in Japanese Weddings

Planning a unique themed wedding? How about celebrating your wonderful day themed after the Land of the Rising Sun? If you wish to go for a Japanese-style wedding, do not forget to incorporate these common Japanese wedding customary traditions. Bridal wear If you’re going for a Japanese-themed wedding, you should definitely dress the part as well. A Japanese […]

5 Cheap, Awesome Wedding Favors

To give wedding favors or not? Many brides and grooms spend a good portion of their wedding budget on fancy favors their guests don’t appreciate. Sure, customized pint glasses or custom printed candy bars seem like they are simple enough favors, but the cost adds up quickly. Think about it – even just a ten-dollar favor, times […]

The Importance of Bamboo in Japan

When we think of bamboo, we often think of China and its pandas. But, believe it or not, there is more to bamboo than you think. Bamboo is not just a plant commonly found in Asian countries. Bamboo is symbolic in Japanese Culture. In fact, bamboo is so abundant that Japan was able to utilize them for […]

Outdoor Entertaining – Japanese Style!

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start planning your Outdoor Entertaining, Japanese Style! When looking for your garden and outdoor accessories, Japanese Style has you covered! From unique lighting and high-quality slate tables to rain chains and other garden décor, you will find products that are going to make your backyard seem like your […]

History of Traditional Japanese Lanterns

Traditional hanging lantern Instead of it being attached to the land, a tsuridourou is free hanging. Originally, these Traditional Japanese Lanterns were made out of copper with around four to six sides. They were first made out of copper to protect from the rain as they are mostly outside. These are usually designed to showcase […]

Choosing Japanese Garden Decor

Decorating any garden, especially with Japanese Garden Decor, is part creativity and part cunning attention to detail. Many inferior products on the market may tempt you to purchase inferior Japanese Garden Decor. Today, we will examine a few common gardening décor materials and weigh each’s pros and cons. Lava Stone Lava stone is a beautiful […]

Caring For Your Bamboo Products

Caring For Your Bamboo is much like wood. It is durable and has great strength. Additionally, Bamboo should be treated just as you would any of your outdoor wood products. We suggest applying a coat to all bamboo fences or bamboo items as needed to repel water and help keep the color. Moreover, if you […]

Bamboo Fountains for the Home or Office

Imagine the gentle sound of running water, punctuated by the knock of bamboo, and the sound of water splashing into a Bamboo Fountain. As we spend more time indoors and at our computers, it is important to find ways to manage stress and stay connected to nature’s peacefulness. One of those ways is by bringing […]

Add Curb Appeal to Your Home with Rain Chains

Traditional gutters are plain and have the annoying habit of getting clogged with leaves and twigs. Want to add more curb appeal to your home? In fact, Rain chains are a beautiful and functional way to update your home’s look, create and protect flower beds from rain gutter downpours. What are Rain Chains? Rain chains are a popular […]

Using Yukimi Lanterns in your Japanese Garden

Many people have been gearing towards the creation of Yukimi Lanterns or a Japanese-inspired garden in their homes. These can create a very inviting and peaceful space, making these gardens very popular in a home where there are quite a few children whose parents want them to grow up in a peaceful environment. It also […]

Create Your Japanese Garden

Peace, balance, and mysticism are important ingredients we find in any well-designed Japanese garden, as well as open spaces. The garden should incorporate contrasts in texture and usually include a large rock or granite bench. To represent water, sand is often included in a garden, even in a small section. Granite lanterns and rocks, both large and small, […]

Choosing Carved Granite

Carved granite lanterns, basins, and sculptures are the most recognized and visually stimulating elements in a Japanese garden. Granite is a very dense, durable, and hard natural stone. Items carved from granite will last a lifetime and can be passed on for many generations to come. Thus, when choosing granite, select only high-quality granite that […]

Bring Spring Inside with Bamboo Fountains

Spring is a wonderful time for everyone. It is a time for new beginnings because even Mother Nature seems to rinse itself anew and find ways to remind everyone that it is beautiful. Not only does the environment seem fresher and cleaner, but people also seem to have better and more exciting moods as opposed […]

All About the O-tsukimi Festival (Japan’s Harvest Moon Festival)

Tsukimi or O-tsukimi is one of the most celebrated festivals in Japan. It is held to honor the autumn moon and thank the moon god for a plentiful harvest. The term Tsukimi literally means ‘moon viewing’ in English. True enough, if you intend to participate in a Tsukimi festival, expect that there will be a […]

Using Rain Chains Instead of Gutters

Have you always been accustomed to using gutters and downspouts to deliver rainwater down the roof of your home? Downspouts are efficient in bringing water down from the gutters, but have you ever thought of using rain chains instead? Rain chains have been used in Japan for hundreds of years. Commonly known in Japan as “kusari-toi” or […]

Reach Nirvana with Buddha Statues in Your Garden

Most of us have different hobbies to keep us focused and occupied. Buddha statues help us gather our minds back together, concentrate, and basically clear the clutter in our heads. It could be that fishing, knitting, reading, or crafts is our chosen hobby—different strokes for different folks, and all that. Landscaping and gardening are also […]

How to Take Care of Bonsai Trees

Bonsai is an ancient tradition in Japan which blossomed outwards to the rest of the world. Enticing gardeners, homeowners, and avid plant lovers to care about Bonsai trees. It calls for the caretaker to watch over and help the growth of a Bonsai tree, far smaller than the usual trees. The wonder of Bonsai is that […]

Japanese Water Fountains

The Japanese are widely known for advancements in quality Japanese Water Fountains and high-tech products. Amazingly, they are also quite known for the concept of Zen. That is why art is admired all over the world, and gardens and water fountains are popular. Water Fountains and Feng Shui Water is a vital element when it […]

Choosing a Granite Lantern for Your Garden

Granite lanterns, benches, and sculptures are some of the most visually appealing garden features. Made from solid natural stone; these pieces are designed to beautify your garden for a lifetime. Choosing a Granite Lantern is a big investment in your garden, so we wanted to go over some of the choices and features you should […]

Bring Nature Indoors with Bonsai Trees

A bonsai tree is an ornamental tree or bush grown in a small pot and carefully cultivated to create a miniature version of a full-grown tree. These elaborate designs are created through various techniques, including potting, pruning, and root reduction. Bring Nature Indoors! Creating these beautiful trees is considered an art form that is influenced […]

All about Japanese Lanterns

Stone lanterns have been apart of the designs of Japanese gardens. Additionally, these were originally introduced to Japan from China. The first lanterns were originally made of metal and then later from granite. Japanese stone lanterns were originally used as lamps in from of temples. Furthermore The early lantern designs were from temples. Religion A […]

4 Ways to Set Up a Water Basin

How to set up a water basin. If you’re planning to create a Japanese garden or bring Asian accents to your design, a Japanese fountain will add a fresh touch to your decor. Here are a few traditionally Japanese fountains you can choose from, but one of the most popular fountains, and one that’s simple […]

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