How to Hang A Paper Lantern

Looking for help on hanging up your paper lanterns? Follow this simple guide to hanging your lanterns. All of our paper lanterns also come with detailed instructions and images. Have more questions? Email us here!

STEP 1 – Set up the Expander

Setting up the expander is easy, but one must be careful while doing it. It is easy to rip the paper with the expander. Paper lanterns are made with wire or bamboo that runs in a spiral through the paper, and they are collapsible, which allows them to be packaged and mailed flat. Since they are collapsible, the metal expanders are needed to prop them fully open. To do this, insert the expander in the top (usually the size of the holes in the lantern are different; the larger hole is in the top) and hook the grooves at the bottom onto the edges of the hole at the bottom of the paper. Then, you should pull the paper up to the top of the expander, which should have grooves that hold the paper; the grooves should be placed exactly where they need to be, and the placement should be obvious.

Paper lantern with expander and light

STEP 2 – Run the Cord

Plug the cord into the wall, run it up the wall, and use hooks to hold the cord up on the ceiling. Tape can also be used, but use an appropriate kind of tape, such as duct tape, and use it in large quantities. Because tape can lose stickiness, we recommend using hooks. Run the cord along with the ceiling and attach the lantern to the end of it. Be sure it looks how you want it.

STEP 3 – Light the Lantern

Next, unplug the cord and screw in the light bulb. When screwing the bulb in, be sure the bulb is as in the middle of the lantern as possible; it should not touch the sides, as this can start a fire. CFC or LED bulbs are recommended over incandescent because they produce less heat. Be sure not to exceed the maximum recommended wattage for the cord to reduce the risk of a fire. Once the bulb is installed, flip on the on-switch, and your light should be working. If it does not, check the connections and make sure the bulb is properly screwed in. View our lighting supplies.

Typical paper lantern lamp

Now you’re ready to enjoy your paper lantern!

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