We carry a wide variety of Children’s Kimonos and Clothing. including kimono and happi coats for boys, girl’s kimonos and other traditional Japanese clothing for children.

Celebrate festive occasions with traditional Japanese clothing and accessories for girls and boys. From girls’ kimonos and boys’ yukatas to happi coats for both boys and girls, we have a full range of traditional Japanese clothing for children to wear for special events and to give as gifts.

Our girls’ kimonos feature beautiful floral patterns in a variety of vibrant colors. Additionally These kimonos are of high quality and made exclusively in Japan. In addition We carry hard-to-find boys’ yukata robes and several styles of youth happi coats. In fact Yukatas and happi coats for children are perfect for special events and festivals.

Wondering if our children’s kimono, yukata or happi coat will fit your child? We offer measurements to ensure you select the right size. Are you buying a kimono, yukata or happi coat for a child as a gift? Shop with confidence; children’s gift kimonos can be easily exchanged for a different size.