Caring For Your Bamboo Products

Caring For Your Bamboo is much like wood. It is durable and has great strength. Additionally, Bamboo should be treated just as you would any of your outdoor wood products. We suggest applying a coat to all bamboo fences or bamboo items as needed to repel water and help keep the color. Moreover, if you live in a wet area, use a mold-resistant coat. Finally, if you live in the southwest, use UV-resistant polyurethane. Email us with any questions.

Complete your Japanese Style garden with authentic bamboo fencing and gates. Made with sturdy, eco-friendly bamboo and wood construction. Reminiscent of Japanese gardens throughout the world. Bamboo Fencing and Gates will bring a sense of zen and meditative tranquility to your garden. It can be used as freestanding fence panels, attached to existing walls or partitions to create private spaces.

Caring for your bamboo

Japanese Style carries a wide selection of slate, granite, and bamboo fountains. The purpose of Japanese gardens is to bring nature and balance into our busy, overworked lives. What better way to represent the tranquility of the natural world than with running water? Our Japanese-style fountains allow you to enjoy the soothing sounds and movement of water in any size space. If you have questions, please email us at or call us at 877-441-3722.

The more you buy, the more you save on the freight shipping. It could even cost you the same freight to buy multiple items from the granite and slate selection.

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