Choosing Japanese Garden Decor

Decorating any garden, especially with Japanese Garden Decor, is part creativity and part cunning attention to detail. Many inferior products on the market may tempt you to purchase inferior Japanese Garden Decor. Today, we will examine a few common gardening décor materials and weigh each’s pros and cons.

Lava Stone

Lava stone is a beautiful dark stone, and the many nooks and crannies give it a fascinating and diverse surface. However, lava stone is very porous and inexpensive, making it a poor choice for long-lasting garden décor. If priced cheaply, it can be a great addition to your garden for a few years. Just make sure you know what you are buying.


Cement is a popular choice for many garden decorations, including Japanese lanterns, statues, and birdbaths. However, this is an artificial material that does not stand up well to the elements. In many cases, cement lanterns and statues will begin to fall apart quickly – while some higher-quality cement may last longer, most will start to fall apart within a year or two.


Granite is a hard, natural stone comprised of quartz, mica, and feldspar. It is available in several colors and is both beautiful and long-lasting. Unlike cement, resin, and lava stone, granite will last a lifetime. For long-lasting beauty for your garden, choose granite lanterns and benches.

The Takeaway

Learn your stone types so you can be sure you know what you are buying. Cement and other artificial materials cannot withstand the elements that nature brings and will begin to show signs of weathering or fall apart completely. For lifelong garden lanterns, benches, fountains, and basins, always choose granite or slate. If you have further questions, email us here.

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