Japanese Culture

Creating a Memorable Bed and Breakfast Japanese Experience

Why do people do bed and breakfasts? Maybe they just needed a place to stay, and yours was the last room in town. But is it really that simple? Most often not. The difference between staying at a hotel and staying at a hotel is the experience. You aren’t just selling a room with a bed and a toilet. You are selling a husband the chance to reconnect with his wife. You are selling a family a lifetime of “Remember when…?” You are selling a weary business traveler a human connection and a taste of home.

Creating that experience can be achieved in many ways. Whimsical dishes, a hand-knit throw, fresh flowers, and even a Yukata robe. This traditional Japanese robe is the perfect way to add a comforting touch to any bed and breakfast.

What is a Yukata robe?

Yukata, which translates as “bathing clothes,” is a traditional cotton robe similar to a kimono. They are light and often worn before or after bathing, to bed, or to lounge in. They come in a variety of different colors or patterns and are worn by both men and women. A belt is used to secure the robe around the waist, and you can wear a light coat over it during cooler weather.

These light casual robes are the perfect way to welcome guests into your bed and breakfast or spa. Guests can relax and unwind in a comfortable robe that adds a touch of the exotic. Have questions? Email us!

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