What Inspires Japanese Pottery and Porcelain Designs

Japanese are well known for having good taste in designs. Of course, to be able to come up with beautiful designs, one must be inspired. Japan’s culture is definitely an inspiration to the Japanese and to all who have experienced the country. From their nature to history, the sun is continuously rising to illuminate the beauty of this country.

Japanese pottery and porcelain design are classic art forms that are still gaining popularity among other countries. One of the early inspirations of Japanese pottery and porcelain designs is their tea ceremony. A tea ceremony is a common gesture of the Japanese to show their hospitality. They offer green tea and sometimes food for a more formal house visit. The Japanese pottery and porcelain designs became more rustic and had a simple exterior because of this event. The rustic and simple design gives off a welcoming ambiance that is perfect for starting a polite yet laid-back conversation with visitors.

There are so many influences of Japanese pottery and porcelain designs. It has reached different countries over the years, resulting in a more historical and beautiful design.

Where you see Japanese Pottery and Porcelain Designs


Japanese pottery and porcelain designs are as common as having a door. Whether you are Caucasian or Asian, you definitely have some of these designs somewhere sitting pretty around your house. Sometimes, you won’t even know that you have it because these designs come in various colors, shapes, and imprints. These designs are prevalent, but a lot of people still prefer to have them. This is the only time you don’t mind having the same designs as your neighbors because they are simply classic.


You had probably eaten in them once or twice a week when you decided to eat out. Japanese pottery and porcelain designs are trendy because many restaurants trust them to be a part of their business. These designs don’t limit Japanese or Chinese restaurants; even the classiest restaurants have them on display or their tables.


You know the Japanese have done a great thing when you see their designs on numerous runway shows. A lot of well-known designers have taken inspiration from Japanese pottery and porcelain designs. These designs have definitely inspired not only the ceramic industry but also the fashion industry.

It takes a lot for a certain design to get picked up by different and numerous countries. That’s why Japanese pottery and porcelain designs are so popular around the globe. These designs have a timeless quality that caters to everyone’s taste. It is one of those designs that are automatically pleasing to the eyes because they have been a part of history for the longest time. The familiarity these designs bring to people somehow gives a sense of belongingness. It has been associated with home décor for so long that it has become a staple to every household. Be it as a display, utensil, or clothes; you are sure to find these Japanese pottery and porcelain designs everywhere you go.

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