Choosing a Granite Lantern for Your Garden

Granite lanterns, benches, and sculptures are some of the most visually appealing garden features. Made from solid natural stone; these pieces are designed to beautify your garden for a lifetime. Choosing a Granite Lantern is a big investment in your garden, so we wanted to go over some of the choices and features you should consider in your new granite lantern.

Do you want a functional lantern?

Some granite lanterns come with pre-drilled holes or lighting already installed. In fact, if you think you may want to use the lantern as a light source in the future, make sure you choose a lantern with pre-drilled holes. Keep in mind, most Japanese do not use these lanterns as such, but many Americans do.

Pay attention to the details.

If the lantern leans or is unable to stand on its own, do not purchase it. This often occurs because the lantern is installed on a base incorrectly or holes are drilled improperly. Don’t risk purchasing an inferior product – look for clean carved lines and solid construction. All of the stone lanterns from Japanese Style are closely inspected for quality.

Kasuga Japanese Stone Lantern

Choose a design

There are many different types of granite lanterns. When considering which style to purchase, consider size, color, and how the style will fit in your garden aesthetically. For example, an extremely ornate lantern may overpower other elements in a tiny garden but look lovely in a larger garden with more features. The most common styles are listed below.

Pedestal Lanterns

These lanterns are usually large and very ornate. They usually feature five or more stacked elements on a base and are available in many different designs and styles.

Buried Lanterns

Buried lanterns are (as the name implies) buried in the ground, much like a post. These should never have a base and are typically simple in design. Choosing a Granite Lantern has many choices in style.

Riverside Japanese Stone Lantern

Set Lanterns

Usually quite small and squat, these lanterns are often used next to water features or tiny gardens.

Snow-Viewing Lanterns

Generally round and fairly low, with legs that are far apart and wide roofs to collect snow. While they look beautiful in the snow, these lanterns are acceptable in any climate and are often placed near water.

The type of lantern you choose will be based upon your personal style and the garden space you have to work with. Consider the colors and other elements present in your Japanese garden before purchasing a granite lantern to add to your space.

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