Bamboo Fountains for the Home or Office

Imagine the gentle sound of running water, punctuated by the knock of bamboo, and the sound of water splashing into a Bamboo Fountain. As we spend more time indoors and at our computers, it is important to find ways to manage stress and stay connected to nature’s peacefulness. One of those ways is by bringing elements of a Japanese garden into your home or office.

Japanese gardens were created as a place for quiet contemplation—a place where the world slipped away. In fact, With dry river beds, beautifully manicured bonsai trees, lanterns, and running water, these gardens remain a perfect place to contemplate the fleetingness of life and forget about deadlines.

bamboo fountain is an integral part of many Japanese gardens. Additionally, these fountains add the gentle sound of running water and break up a garden’s quietness. Have questions? Send us an email!

The most common type of bamboo fountain is simple. This type of fountain consists of a hollow bamboo tube that fills with water. Also known as “rocking” fountains, this fountain style can also come in miniature sizes. Release stress and allow yourself to reconnect with nature through the gentle sounds of a bamboo fountain.

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