Professional Restaurant Uniforms

What is the first impression customers have when they step into your restaurant? Is it the heavenly smell of fresh-baked bread? The tantalizing sizzle of a steak on a flat top grill? Restaurant Uniforms?

First impressions matter in the restaurant business. In fact, Forbes Magazine says you have just seven seconds to make a great first impression. Those seven seconds why have well-dressed staff matters. As soon as your customer has stepped into your restaurant, they already have preconceived ideas about how your food will taste, how clean your kitchen is, and how likely they are to come back.

The first step to creating regular customers is making a great first impression. And it all starts with your staff’s uniforms. So, what should you choose as your uniform? There are many options, so it will really depend upon what type of food you serve and your atmosphere.

For example, a fancy Japanese steak house isn’t really the place for Hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts (a Japanese/Hawaiian fusion restaurant…maybe!). Also, consider cleanliness – white shirts will be difficult to keep clean in a BBQ joint.

Here is a few examples of popular restaurant employee uniforms.

Solid Color Shirts

This is probably the most simple and casual option. Having all your employees wear a red or blue shirt is an easy way to differentiate your staff and create a uniform look. This will work best in casual restaurants such as a pizza place or sandwich shop. The darker colors are less likely to show stains, which is perfect for the foodservice industry. With so many different shades of colors, it may not be easy to create a uniform look.

Happi Coats Restaurant Uniforms

The Happi Coat is a short Japanese jacket that is tied around the waist much like a kimono. They come in many different designs and colors, which means your employees can enjoy a little bit of self-expression at work. Happi Coats will work best in Asian-style restaurants like sushi houses, stir fry joints, or Asian fusion restaurants. The multi-color patterns won’t show stains as easily.

An employee wearing a Japanese happi coat with letters reading, “big sale,” works at a drug store in Tokyo March 8, 2012. JREUTERS/Yuriko Nakao

Black on Black

Flattering, classic, and dressy. A black button down and black pant is a staple of the restaurant industry. Black doesn’t show stains easily, and it clearly identifies your employees to your customers. Which helps avoid awkward “Do you work here?” conversations. This uniform will work for any restaurant, from a sandwich shop to a five-star bistro.

Embroidered Button Downs Restaurant Uniforms

This option is a good in-between choice – not super fancy, but not too casual either. Having your logo or restaurant name embroidered over the breast pocket makes identifying employees easy. (Plus, you can add employee names and never fight over name tags again!) Choose black shirts with white embroidering for a classic look or patterned for a slightly weird vibe.

Making a great first impression is crucial to building a successful restaurant. Having a well-dressed staff is the first step, and these suggestions make choosing the right uniform simple.

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