Professional Restaurant Uniforms

What impression do your customers have when they step into your restaurant? Is it the heavenly scent of fresh-baked bread or the tantalizing sizzle of a steak on a flat-top grill? Or perhaps, is it the sight of well-dressed restaurant uniforms?

First impressions are paramount in the restaurant business. According to Forbes Magazine, you have a mere seven seconds to make a lasting first impression. This is precisely why well-dressed staff matter. The moment a customer steps into your restaurant, they form preconceived notions about the taste of your food, the cleanliness of your kitchen, and their likelihood of returning.

Creating regular customers begins with making a remarkable first impression, and it all starts with your staff’s uniforms. So, what uniform should you choose? The options are numerous, and your decision will depend on the type of cuisine you serve and the ambiance you want to create.

For instance, a fancy Japanese steakhouse wouldn’t be the right place for Hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts (although it might be fitting for a Japanese/Hawaiian fusion restaurant!). Additionally, consider cleanliness; white shirts might be challenging to keep spotless in a BBQ joint.

An employee wearing a Japanese happi coat with letters reading, “big sale,” works at a drug store in Tokyo March 8, 2012. JREUTERS/Yuriko Nakao

Let’s explore some popular restaurant employee uniform options:

  1. Solid Color Shirts: This is a simple and casual choice. Having all your employees wear shirts of the same color, like red or blue, is an easy way to create a uniform look. This works well in casual restaurants like pizza places or sandwich shops. Darker colors are less likely to show stains, making them ideal for the foodservice industry. However, achieving a perfectly uniform shade may be challenging.

  2. Happi Coats Restaurant Uniforms: Happi Coats are short Japanese jackets tied around the waist, similar to kimonos. They come in various designs and colors, allowing employees to express themselves at work. Happi Coats are best suited for Asian-style restaurants like sushi houses, stir-fry joints, or Asian fusion establishments. The multi-color patterns hide stains more effectively.

  3. Black on Black: Classic, flattering, and dressy. A black button-down shirt with black pants is a staple in the restaurant industry. Black doesn’t easily show stains, and it clearly identifies your employees to customers, avoiding awkward “Do you work here?” conversations. This uniform is versatile and suitable for any restaurant, from sandwich shops to five-star bistros.

  4. Embroidered Button Downs Restaurant Uniforms: This option strikes a good balance between not being too fancy yet not too casual either. Embroidering your logo or restaurant name over the breast pocket facilitates easy identification of employees. (You can even add employee names, eliminating the need for name tags!) Black shirts with white embroidery offer a classic look, while patterned shirts add a touch of uniqueness.

Making a great first impression is essential for building a successful restaurant. Having a well-dressed staff is the first step, and these suggestions simplify the process of choosing the right uniform.

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