Gear up with these Kimono Halloween Costumes

Japanese kimonos are not limited to old-age tradition and formal occasions. Instead, they are made creative and flexible to fit the style, taste, and preference of the 21st century costumes.

Kimono styles expanded in numbers and became more distinguished because of their contemporary designs that are appealing even to the younger generation. Gone is the liking for straight-lined robes and plain kimonos. As time passed by, kimonos seem to look more edgy and spontaneous.

Traditionally, a kimono is a type of clothing wrapped around the body to serve as a daily garment for both Japanese men and women. But since the growing fetish for Japanese kimono became unstoppable, people all over the world wear it even in weddings, corporate gatherings, tea ceremonies, and other special occasions. Japanese kimono is now a symbol of eloquence and good judgment because of the rich culture and tradition it bears.

Today, people still prefer Japanese kimonos to create a statement in the fashion world. Besides their wide use during social gatherings, kimonos have already penetrated the world of the undead during the Halloween season.

Kimono Halloween Costumes

Halloween parties already outgrown the exhibition of horror film characters in a social gathering. Let your Frankenstein and Sadako costumes take their rest in your closet. Do not ponder upon wearing an Avenger costume because mind you, there is an 80% chance that if you choose to imitate Captain America, you will bump against your replicated self 5 times in a single night. If you are lucky enough, maybe you can get the position of being Captain America #3.

Admit it or not, a Halloween party is a thing that should not be missed every year. You can ditch your family during a Christmas dinner, but you cannot tell your friends that you would rather sleep than go to a Halloween party. It could be your life’s most treasured highlight for so many possible reasons.

The best thing about Halloween parties is that you can be whatever you want to be even for a night. So why not join the craze and go to a party wearing an authentic Japanese kimono? Halloween kimono costume is the ideal pick if you dream to be original and interesting. It saves you from the hassle of prosthetics, body painting, and heavy make-up while still keeping you in style. Remember that a stressful planning could ruin even the wittiest Halloween costume idea.

Kimono Halloween costumes can be worn individually or as a group during a costume contest. You can be a Mafia leader or anyone that your kimono is able to reflect. You do not need a flamboyant costume and its crisp details to create an impression. The colors, patterns, and natural designs of kimono Halloween costumes will speak for themselves. They have their own way of leaving a remarkable and impressive mark to people.

A Perfect Choice

Additionally, kimono Halloween costumes are not too loud and not too soft. A part from being a safe choice, kimonos are much easier to prepare and wear than real Halloween costumes. You can also experiment different characters with kimono Halloween costumes. If you are an anime enthusiast, you can imitate your favorite character and his lovely kimono. Being a traditional geisha in a contemporary Halloween party can also be the perfect pick for women. And of course, kimono Halloween costumes look lovelier and livelier when worn by children.

If you are looking for a vast array of quality kimono Halloween costumes, visit Japanese Style and enjoy unique kimono styles and designs.

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