Decorating with Paper Lanterns

There are few items more DIY-friendly than paper lanterns. They are beautiful and are easy to customize with different lighting. Plus, they are so much fun to decorate with! Try bunching different colors together, adding paper butterflies or flowers, or attaching a lace trim.


Paper lanterns are seriously the perfect addition to just about any wedding décor. In fact, they are so easy to customize! Use them for every wedding style, from a simple backyard wedding to a bright, bold rock-a-Billy wedding. White lanterns with lights add a romantic glow to your dance floor (how cute is this wedding!) or bunch bold-colored lanterns together to make a statement. With so many colors and lighting options to choose from, you will be able to design exactly what you need for awesome wedding decorations.

Baby’s Room

There are tons of cute ideas on Pinterest for decorating a baby’s nursery with paper lanterns. Serious cute overload. Our favorites are the hot air balloon and the sports theme. With so many different lantern colors to choose from, it is super easy to match paper lanterns to your nursery’s theme (and inexpensive to update the colors in a few years)!

Custom Lighting Fixture

Our favorite way to use paper lanterns is to piece them together to create a custom, eye-catching light fixture. Who says you have to spend an arm and a leg on custom lighting from a designer? Grouping several lanterns together create dimension and can be used in a corner or over a table.

Customize your fixture with a battery-operated pack, or use solar-powered paper lantern fixtures; you don’t have to connect them to any wiring. Skip the major DIY, remove an ugly light cover, and hang a paper lantern directly over the bulb. Voilà – an instant update to your lighting! (Perfect for renters who aren’t allowed to change fixtures!)

Are you addicted to decorating with paper lanterns? We’d love to hear about your designs!

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