Cherry Blossoms: Wedding Planning and Décor

Cherry Blossoms can bring a gorgeous flair to any wedding. Planning for a wedding is generally a big endeavor. Whether you’re going for a traditional white wedding or not, the pressure runs high to satisfy all the expectations in a single day. It’s no secret that beneath the facade of perfect weddings are the messy goings-on of wedding planning. One effective way to manage the event and the stress that comes with it is to plan thematically.

Themed Weddings

One of the advantages of working with a theme is having the bigger picture in mind. Once you’ve settled on a theme, you’re narrowing down your choices to those that fit in with your chosen theme. This technique can add structure to your wedding planning and execution.

Depending on your budget, you can incorporate all kinds of themes into a wedding. Colors and hues are the obvious choices for themes, the white wedding being the most traditional and classic of them all, and pastel colors being another popular theme. Other examples of non-traditional choices are incorporating different countries or cultures in a wedding.

Be transported to Cherry Blossom springtime in Japan.

One example of a theme that’s easy to incorporate into a wedding is the Japanese style. The Japanese aesthetic and their forms of art are famous for their minimalist approach. Think ikebana, the Japanese style of flower arrangement, and you’ve got the perfect example of beauty and simplicity.

Incorporating these principles of style into weddings would certainly fit any budget constraint. What’s more, choosing this kind of theme would satisfy the sentiments that demand a traditional feel for weddings and those who want something different.

Your wedding can be different and non-traditional, but still be simple and beautiful.

Planning for Décor 
It’s All About the Details

Whoever said that the devil is in the details was right, and it’s important that when you’re planning for a themed wedding, you don’t forget about the little things. You don’t have to go all out with your decorations. You can work around the existing ceremonies familiar to you and accentuate them with your chosen décor.

Send out invitations with images of ikebana. Have your guests sign in a cherry blossom guestbook. Put Sakura petals on your wedding day dining tables. Keep in line with the theme by using traditional baskets and chopsticks.

The sky’s the limit when you pay attention to details.

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