Decorating Weddings with Paper Fans

Having a hard time choosing a theme that will make your wedding memorable? Worry no more because a stylish Japanese wedding concept has finally come your way. With elegant decorations that are still within your budget, you can transport your guests from the reception hall to the Land of the Rising Sun. Paper Fan perfect weddings!

Oriental weddings promise a classy experience without shedding much from your bank account. The principle is to maximize the use of each decoration for the guests’ satisfaction and convenience. One timeless example of this is the use of paper fans.

Functions of Paper Fans in Weddings

Paper fans are classic accessories and decorations used at Japanese weddings. But there is more to a paper than meets the eyes. Here are five ways in which you can challenge the flair and flexibility of paper fans.


Keep your walls bustling and in style with colorful paper fans. Form different designs by attaching the fans and fastening them creatively on the wall. Create a wonderful backdrop made of paper fans. It could be a wonderful background where guests can freely pose for souvenir photos and selfies.

When hit by lights, paper fans can make the hall vibrant and full of life. You can also place paper fans on each table to add spice. Just put a wooden fan stand to secure that your fans will not go out of place. Paper fans are a great alternative to flower decorations.

Practical Favors

Give your wedding a personal touch. You can recreate plain paper fans with a myriad of designs. You can engrave hand fans with traditional Japanese drawings or characters or personalize them with the guests’ names.

Paper fans are ideal for weddings held outdoors. Instead of using big umbrellas, guests could use the fans as ventilation and protection from the sun’s heat. They are classy and handy!

Name Cards

You do not need to pay extra for nametags. You could attach a nametag to a fan and set it elegantly at each table. It saves space and gives your tables a one-of-a-kind decoration.

Wedding Party Gifts

Have you ever attended two different weddings and received almost identical wedding party gifts? Surely you do not want your wedding celebration the same as others. Instead of sticking to the original, try to explore more oriental-themed gifts.

Paper fans are great wedding souvenirs. You can even personalize hand fans with a phrase or your wedding date. They are practical and perfect for a person like you who wants to save up for the future.

Photo Props

Setting up photo booths in social gatherings like wedding parties is a hot trend. With people growing more akin to capturing unforgettable moments with their cameras, it is a disappointment not finding a perfect place or props for picture taking.

You can transform a part of the wedding hall into your own photo booth. Use fans to create beautiful backdrops. Let your guests use hand fans as props. Reinvent poses and do out-of-ordinary shots using colorful fans.

Money should not be a stumbling block for you to enjoy your wedding. Cherish every moment with these wonderful ideas that teach you how to be original and creative.

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