When to Wear and What Is A Kimono?

Wondering when to wear a Kimono? A kimono, until recently, was a form of formal dress in Japanese culture. Most people in Japan wore these routinely, there are types of dresses for every occasion, and they are ranked by formality. Many are for special occasions only, but there are plenty that you can wear out on the town. Check out our selection of clothing here.

A full kimono outfit includes special kimono undergarments, proper and footwear. Traditional Japanese sandals come either in the form of geta (wood sandals) or zori (flat straw sandals). Worn with the sandals are “tabi,” socks that split to allow the toes around the sandal thong.

When to Wear a Kimono

If you enjoy antique clothes, we have vintage silk kimonos from the early 1900s. These are rare imports, as cotton replaced silk in kimono fabrics around World War II. These carefully preserved works of art are unique and truly shine at special occasions and formal events. They can also be mounted on display stands in your home to show off the intricate patterns and embroidery. Properly cared for, these silk dresses will be stunning for years to come!

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