What About the Furoshiki Cloth Gift Wrap?

Furoshiki Cloth Gift Wrap is stylish, economical, and environment-friendly.

First impressions last. This, too, applies to gift-giving. An exquisitely-wrapped gift is definitely impressive, and it makes the gift so much more exciting to unwrap. That said, your gift wrapper should definitely not be just an afterthought. You have to choose it very carefully, because it is, after all, a part of your gift! Moreover, it shows the recipient of your gift that everything about your gift is well-thought-out and that you really wanted to make the gift-giving process special.

Things to Love About the Furoshiki Cloth Gift Wrap

A stylish and exceptionally classier alternative to your run-of-the-mill gift wrapper is the Furoshiki Cloth Gift Wrap. The Japanese are known for their impeccable style, patriotism, and loyalty to tradition and aesthetics. The Japanese Furoshiki gift wrap is a traditional wrapping cloth used by the Japanese to wrap gifts and carry various items. It is often made of sturdy fabric with a high thread count and different colors and prints.

Here are some of the reasons why they are infinitely better than your usual gift wrappers:


Say goodbye to plain-looking gift wrappers. The Furoshiki gift wrap comes in elegant prints and an assortment of colors, such as brown and beige, red and beige, and black. It is made of cotton and cotton-satin blend fabric, making it very luxurious to the touch. Aside from being used to carry or conceal objects or as a gift wrapper, it can also be used as a fashion accessory!

Your recipient will definitely have a lot of fun with its many uses. It can be used as a scarf, and you know there are many ways you can use a scarf to spice up an outfit! Using it as a scarf is also functional, as it serves as protection against the cold and protects the neck and throat from getting burned by the sun during hot summer days. It can also be used as a belt or wrapped around your bag’s top handles for a fun accent. You can also tie it around the straps of your tote bag for added flair. If you happen to be on the slender side, you can also use it as an instant wraparound skirt or even as a tube top.

You can also use it to dress up your home or your office. The fabric is so gorgeous and well-made that you would definitely want to show it off. You can hang it up on your wall like a prized tapestry or as an accent piece on your coffee table. You can even use it as an overlay for your dining table as an ornamental piece during special occasions, the perfect foil for minimalist centerpieces and flower arrangements.

It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Economical and Environmentally-friendly.

The Furoshiki cloth gift wrap gets two thumbs up for being environmentally-friendly. Using it allows you to reduce your carbon footprint because you are not discarding plastic that practically does not deteriorate.

Together with your gift, you are giving away a functional piece of art that you can reuse. Because the fabric is of high quality, it can withstand constant use.

Furthermore, it has a lot of uses. Your recipient can use it to wrap other gifts. Or they can choose to keep it and use it to wrap just about anything, jewelry boxes, or anything they want to carry. It is a more fashionable alternative to a plastic or paper bag. Interested in this wonderful Japanese item?

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