4 Ways to Set Up a Water Basin

How to set up a water basin. If you’re planning to create a Japanese garden or bring Asian accents to your design, a Japanese fountain will add a fresh touch to your decor. Here are a few traditionally Japanese fountains you can choose from, but one of the most popular fountains, and one that’s simple to make, is a cleansing fountain by the earlier chozubachi at Buddhist temples. Visitors purify themselves before entering. This kind of fountain is also use often in traditional tea ceremonies to prepare guests for the experience. Additionally here are several styles of construction set-up.

Traditional Japanese Garden Overflowing Basin

This is the traditional Japanese garden set-up for a water basin. The basin is set so the water runs over only the front of the basin into a reservoir. These will perfect any outdoor area.

Equipment needed: basin without holebamboo fountain with pump, grate, gravel and a reservoir liner.

Overflowing Basin Set-up

To set-up an overflowing basin, the basin would not need a drilled hole since the water would overflow from the top of the basin into the reservoir as shown in the diagram.

Equipment need: basin without holebamboo fountain with pump, bricks, grate, gravel and a 40 mil. liner. We suggest a 40 mil. liner for all reservoirs because it is less likely to get punctured by stones and tree roots.

Self-contained Basin

A larger basin can also be set-up with no external water reservoir. The pump would re-circulate the water directly from the basin to the bamboo fountain’s spout. This set-up would require a drilled basin. Don’t forget to top the basin off with water or it will evaporate because most basins are shallow in depth.

Equipment needed: basin with holebamboo spout with pump.

Self Contained Basin with Reservoir:

A basin could also be set-up where the water does not overflow outside the basin, but does have a reservoir. The advantage of this set-up is that the pump is hid in the reservoir and hold a larger amount of water.

Equipment needed: basin with holebamboo fountain spout with pump, bricks, grate, gravel and a 40 mil. 5’x5′

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