Wear Flannel Yukatas All Year Round

When people think “flannel,” they think of pajamas and plaid shirts. But did you know that yukatas also come in flannel? Originating from Japan, the flannel yukata is made of cotton or soft synthetics. And serves as a versatile garment that you can wear in any casual context. What began as a bathrobe has now become a common sight in the house and on the street. Though traditionally, yukatas have no lining and are for warm weather only, some of our yukatas have a gauze lining to provide a little more warmth for lounging on chilly nights.


The original purpose of the yukata was as clothing to wear after bathing. Like terrycloth robes, yukatas are soft, easy to wear, and comfortable on your skin after a hot bath or shower. Pamper yourself as if you’re in a spa, wandering out of the bath in your yukata to relax the rest of the day away!


Yukatas can also serve as loungewear in the summer. Onesies are often too heavy for warm weather, so if you still want to cover up your whole body during the muggy months, a flannel yukata is perfect for you. It breathes well, offering a softcover while still keeping you cool and dry. Curling up on the couch in your yukata, watching your favorite show, is a great way to spend a lazy night.


Last, many flannel yukatas are designer-made and stylish for a more fashionable approach for a day around town. A little classier than yukatas for lounging, they have silky fabrics, elaborate colors, and interesting prints. These designer robes are perfect as outer layers for a cool day outside or for covering a swimsuit at the beach.

Like a classic white sneaker, the flannel yukata is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own!

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