Japanese Culture

Why are Frogs Lucky to the Japanese?

The Japanese word for “frog” means is “kaeru.” While the kanji/kana involved in writing the words are different, they are pronounced the same way you say “return/to return.” See the Japanese lucky frogs.

The frog can link with things or people returning to a place of origin. They are considered lucky and stay around so that money, friends, and good things you usually see off or give away will at some point “kaeru” or come back.

Our Kaeru Frog is perfect for gifts or favors, giving your friends and loved one’s wishes for safe travel and good return. It fits well in your purse, pocket, or carry-on! Click here to purchase our Japanese Kaeru Frog. See the Japanese lucky frogs!

Our frogs make the perfect gift for any family member! Give one on a date to make a romantic moment you will constantly return to with your significant other. They look beautiful on any desk or bookshelf and serve as a constant reminder of your loved one who isn’t with you right now. Picking up this small memento is more than just a memory – it’s a promise between two people to one-day cross paths again in the future.

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