Traditional Costumes for Children’s Day

Children’s Day or Komodo No Hi is one of the most celebrated holidays in Japan. Together with their families, boys and girls decorate their houses with carp streamers and dolls of Japanese heroes for the entire month of May. These symbols promote success, prosperity, strength, and courage for Japanese boys. During the holiday, families eat sweet rice cakes, bite-size crackers, and special sake.

Although the Children’s Day became centered on Japanese boys after World War II, girls’ emancipation is also given importance. Both dress up traditional outfits to celebrate the momentous day of Komodo No Hi. Besides celebrating Komodo No Hi, girls also actively participate in the Doll Festival. Young girls often wear traditional kimono, the traditional clothing of Japan now worn primarily to formal events and festivals. They visit one another on this holiday to have doll tea parties and praise each other on their spring decorations, often featuring peach and cherry blossoms.

For Children’s Day, many children wear a yukata, a lightweight cotton robe that much Japanese wear to spring and summer events. It is a casual garment based on the design of a kimono. Yukatas for boys are less flashy because of their darker or more subdued colors, while yukatas worn by girls are usually bright, colorful, and with floral designs.

Hakama Children’s Day

Hakama are also a typical choice for young boys. Traditional loose trousers were originally worn by men and dating back hundreds of years. Usually, they are pair with a haori or happi coat as an upper layer.

In some tourist destinations, yukatas, hakamas, and kimonos are available for rent at rental shops. But why rent if your child could have his or her own traditional Japanese costume? Japanese Style carries a selection of all three for you to choose from for your child’s next event! Our costumes and children’s clothing are authentic, historical, and made from high-quality materials. Celebrate Children’s Day occasions with traditional Japanese costumes and outfits for girls and boys!

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