Yukimi Granite Lantern




Yukimi Granite Lantern

The Yukimi Granite Lantern is also known as the “snow viewing lantern” for when the lantern’s cap captures the snow fall the lantern is believed to be at its greatest beauty reflecting the purity of simple lines. In addition Yukimi granite lanterns are very popular to place near water elements and are the perfect addition to any garden. Additionally It is pre-drilled with a hole to insert electrical, and includes 5 separately carved pieces for easy set up. For more information click HERE.

  • Made of hand carved granite
  • 18″H x 18″W, 150 pounds
  • 24″H x 24″W, 260 pounds
  • 30″H x 30″W, 400 pounds
  • 36″H x 36″W, 650 pounds

Additional information

Weight N/A
Lantern Size

18"H x 18"W [$685.00], 24"H x 24"W [$769.00], 30"H x 30"W [$1,064.00], 36"H x 36"W [$1,399.00]

3 reviews for Yukimi Granite Lantern

  1. Debbie Guild

    A truly gorgeous piece! Much larger in person! Perfect size for our Japanese koi garden! Very pleased in getting this iconic lantern! Thanks again Anita for letting us that this was an option with our original order!

  2. Avram Dalton

    We are a professional landscaping company in San Diego. We order all our lanterns from Japanese Style because the of the excellent quality and customer service.

  3. Bill

    Looks great. Everything arrived in good order although the crate itself had seen better days. Very happy with this lantern.

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