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Rustic Granite Guide Stone



This rustic granite Japanese guide stone, hand-carved from a natural granite stone, will add a sense of authentic Japanese design to your garden landscaping project!

Rustic Granite Guide Stone

This Rustic Granite Guide Stone will look perfect in your garden, outdoor living space, or walking trail. It has 6 sides, 1 wooden window, and comes pre-drilled with a hole to insert electrical for easy setup. Available in 3 sizes.

  • Made with hand finished granite
  • 30″H x 6″W, 140 pounds
  • 36″H x 7″W, 200 pounds (OUT OF STOCK)
  • 48″H x 8″W, 310 pounds (OUT OF STOCK)

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Weight N/A
Lantern Size

30"H x 6"W [$377.00], 36"H x 7"W [$523.00], 48"H x 8"W [$679.00]

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