Kasuga Granite Lantern Size Options




Kasuga Granite Lantern Size Options

The Kasuga Granite Lantern with size options is a classic example of a Japanese “tachi-gata” or pedestal style lantern. And this style of granite lantern dates back to the Ashikaga period. In addition it was traditionally used as a “guardian” lantern at Japanese Buddhist temples and are frequently seen at entrances to Japanese tea gardens. Also it is commonly used as a focal point and the stone carvings on the light box often relate to its origin. Thus this lantern is perfect for any yard or display. Finally it comes with a pre-drilled hole to insert electrical, and comes with 6 separately hand carved granite pieces.

  • Made of hand carved granite 3 sizes.
  • 36″H x 13″W, 300 pounds
  • 48″H x 18″W, 600 pounds
  • 60″H x 22″W, 930 pounds

Additional information

Lantern Size

36"H x 13"W [$999.00], 48"H x 18"W [$1,219.00], 60"H x 22"W [$1,559.00]

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    “Came in well packed and perfect condition. Looks amazing. Just as expected. So happy with the product, solid granite will last generations

    Would highly recommend to anyone. “

  2. William Perry (verified owner)

    Incredible honestly. Absolutely love

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