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This Kotoji Granite Japanese Lantern is a symbol of Japanese creative symmetry in stone. The stone lantern is named Kotoji meaning “harp tuner”, for the two legs on which the body of the lantern stands are said to resemble tuning forks of the Japanese musical instrument “koto”. Typically, one leg is placed on land and the other in water, reflecting the interdependence of land and water. A granite lantern perfect for any yard. Available in 2 sizes and makes the perfect gift!

  • Includes 7 separately hand-carved pieces
  • 36″H x 13″W, 270 pounds
  • 48″H x 16″W, 350 pounds

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Lantern Size

36"H x 13"W [$965.00], 48"H x 16"W [$1,065.00]

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  1. William Perry (verified owner)

    Amazing art piece for a garden

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