Kogiku Granite Japanese Lantern



This Kogiku Japanese stone lantern, artfully crafted from a natural granite stone, will help you create an authentic feel of the Japanese garden in your outdoor area.

Kogiku Granite Japanese Lantern

The Kogiku Granite Japanese Lantern is a classic example of a Japanese “tachi-gata” or pedestal-style lantern. This style of granite lantern dates back to the Ashikaga period. They were traditionally used as a “guardian” lantern at Japanese Buddhist temples and are frequently seen at entrances to Japanese tea gardens. It is commonly used as a focal point and the stone carvings on the lightbox often relate to its origin. This lantern is perfect for any yard or display. It comes with a pre-drilled hole to insert electrical, and comes with 6 separately hand-carved granite pieces.

  • Made of hand-carved granite 2 sizes.
  • 48″H x 18″W, 600 pounds
  • 60″H x 22″W, 930 pounds

You can now personalize your granite lantern with custom engraving.  Add your street address, kanji, or text. Photo mock-ups are created at no charge for your approval. We then provide you a quote and estimate of delivery. Email info@japanesestyle.com, or select REQUEST ENGRAVING QUOTE above.

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Weight N/A
Lantern Size

48"H x 18"W [$1,292.00], 60"H x 22"W [$1,649.00]


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