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Tsukubai Zenigata Granite Water Basin



The Japanese Zenigata, Tsukubai Japanese stone water basin is shaped as an antique Japanese coin, Kosen and hand-carved from quality granite to add a touch of uniqueness to your garden area. It features a square water pool in the middle, surrounded by four Japanese characters. This basin is in Ryoan-ji temple Kyoto.


Tsukubai Zenigata Granite Water Basin

The Japanese Tsukubai Zenigata Granite Water Basin is a classic Japanese tea garden basin designed to represent an antique coin, Kosen. It features a square water pool in the middle, surrounded by four Japanese characters within a circle basin.  This basin is found in the Ryoan-ji temple in Kyoto and has been translated in several different ways.  The top character is Self, to the left is Knows, to the right is Only, and the bottom is Contentment. On the basin, the four symbols say, “Self knows only contentment,” or “ware, tada, taru (wo) shiru,” meaning, “I only sufficiency know.” The Buddhist teaching of humility and abundance translates, “you have all that you need.” The Ryoan-ji used the basin to provide ritual washing – a person must bow/bend over to use the basin. The word tsukubai means to crouch, which shows humility and a sign of reverence, meaning you are content and at peace which is a state of higher self. Available in 12″, 16″, 18″ and 24″ sizes. The beautiful salt and pepper granite will darken over time. Click HERE to learn more about setting up your basin.

  • Salt and pepper granite
  • 12″D x 8″H, 90 pounds
  • 16″D x 8″H, 160 pounds
  • 18″D x 10″H, 250 pounds
  • 24″D x 12″H, 400 pounds
  • All granite orders are subject to available inventory at the time of purchase and expected shipping dates are subject to change.

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12"D x 5"H [$299.00], 16"D x 8"H [$465.00], 18"D x 10"H [$568.00], 24"D x 12"H [$999.00]

3 reviews for Tsukubai Zenigata Granite Water Basin

  1. Joan

    When I was in Japan I saw one at the temple. I always felt it was inspirational. Thank you for writing the meaning of the basin. It is perfect in our zen garden with the Oribe granite lantern I purchased from Japanese Style.

  2. Anonymous

    This was a flawless experience. The ordering was easy and the delivery was prompt and personal. Outreach by the shipper to understand how our home was set up to receive a 400 lb. piece made everything easy. Thank you.

  3. Aurora (verified owner)

    Quality product and beautiful.

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