Sakura San San Kudo Ceremonial Sake Set



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This exquisite sake set consists of three flat red cups with sake pot on an oval presentation tray. A gold metallic design graces the oval presentation tray, the front and lid of sake pot.


Sakura San San Kudo Ceremonial Sake Set

The sharing of sake is one of the oldest traditional Japanese wedding ceremonial customs – these Sakura San San Kudo Ceremonial Sake Set are still used today. The couple takes three sips from each cup starting with the smallest cup and at the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, both families drink a cup of sake to signify, not only the union of the bride and groom but the unity of the two families. Ceremonial Sake sets are also used to bring in the New Year.

  • Black and Red lacquered Plastic with Gold Trim with Sakura Design
  • Tray 13″ L x 6 3/4″ W x 3/4 H
  • Sake Pot 3 1/2″ in width and 5 5/8″ with spout, 6 1/2″ in height with the handle
  • Large Red Cup 4 1/4″ in diameter x 1 3/8″ H
  • Medium Red Cup 3 1/2″ diameter X 1 1/4 ” H
  • Small Red Cup 3 ” in Diameter X 1″ H

Made in JapanLearn more about Japanese Wedding Traditions >>

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