Riverside Granite Lantern




Riverside Granite Lantern

Our Riverside (Rankei) Granite Lanterns are usually placed to overlook a pond or stream for they create a beautiful image in the water reflection. Additionally This stone lantern is the perfect addition to your garden or outdoor space.

  • Includes 6 separately hand carved pieces
  • 30″H x 12″W, 290 pounds
  • 36″H x 16″W, 360 pounds
  • 48″H x 20″W, 580 pounds

Additional information

Weight N/A
Lantern Size

30"H x 12"W [$769.00], 36"H x 16"W [$843.00], 48"H x 20"W [$1,032.00]

1 review for Riverside Granite Lantern

  1. John

    The packaging is very well done. It took me longer to take the crate apart and take out the pieces than to put it together. The pieces stacked on top of each other perfectly. The balance is incredible. It looks amazing. This is a very well made lantern with lots of details. I am so glad I found the site and ordered it.

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