Rokkaku Yukimi Japanese Lantern




Rokkaku Yukimi Japanese Lantern

The Rokkaku Yukimi Japanese Lantern is also known as the “snow viewing lantern” for when the lantern’s cap captures the snowfall the lantern is believed to be at its greatest beauty reflecting the purity of simple lines. Yukimi lanterns are very popular to place near water elements. It is pre-drilled with a hole to insert electrical and includes 5 separate carved pieces. For more information click HERE.

  • Made of hand-carved granite
  • 24″H x 24″W, 260 pounds
  • 30″H x 30″W, 400 pounds

Additional information

Lantern Size

24"H x 24"W [$825.00], 30"H x 30"W [$1125.00]

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  1. Anonymous

    I recently purchased a Rokkaku Yukimi Lantern and had a nice lengthy telephone conversation with Anita to set up delivery. My beautiful lantern arrived exactly on the minute! The quality, fit, and finish are superb. And the two nice gentlemen who delivered it helped me to set it up, even providing some pieces of wood to level it on the uneven surface and shifting some dirt to support it! I also got some suggestions regarding where to pick up and how to arrange some nice stones around the base.
    I was and am very favorably impressed!

    Thank you so much Anita! I look forward to discovering what else I can get from you to continue developing my own home Japanese Garden.

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