Antique Yukimi Granite Lantern Size Options




Antique Yukimi Granite Lantern Size Options

The Antique Yukimi Granite Lantern with Size Options is also known as the “snow viewing lantern” for when the cap captures the snow fall the lantern is believed to be at its greatest beauty reflecting the purity of simple lines.Our Antique Yukimi Lantern is hand-carved of granite stone and is very popular to place near water elements in your Japanese garden or outdoor space. The light box has two wooden windows with a sun and moon on the opposite sides. For easy set up, it comes pre-drilled with a hole to insert electrical, and comes with 5 separately carved pieces. Available in 4 sizes: For more information click HERE.

  • Made of hand carved granite
  • 18″H x 18″W, 150 pounds
  • 24″H x 24″W, 260 pounds
  • 30″H x 30″W, 400 pounds
  • 36″H x 36″W, 650 pounds

Additional information

Weight N/A
Lantern Size

18"H x 18"W [$685.00], 24"H x 24"W [$769.00], 30"H x 30"W [$1,064.00], 36"H x 36"W [$1,399.00]

1 review for Antique Yukimi Granite Lantern Size Options

  1. Philip Cole (verified owner)

    Awesome lantern in a perfect smaller size by the waterfall in my garden.

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