Koyabou Granite Lantern Size Options




Koyabou Granite Lantern Size Options

Our Koyabou Granite Lantern is a variation of the more contemporary Miyoshi lantern. The roof is carved to resemble a traditional thatched roof and the Miyoshi wood window is replaced with a carved window at the corner edge of the column. The Koyabou version is also different in that the base is not planted into the ground, but stands upon a base footing. The tripartite design is more architecturally consistent with traditional columns of western culture without technically being a supporting element of a larger design.  The Koyabou Granite Lantern looks absolutely stunning when placed in an entry way or along a garden path. It is pre-drilled with a hole to insert electrical, and includes 3 separately hand carved granite pieces. Available in 2 sizes. Made of hand carved granite

  • 36″H x 16″W, 230 pounds
  • 48″H x 20″W, 330 pounds

You can now personalize your granite lantern with custom engraving.  Add your street address, kanji, or text. Photo mock-ups are created at no charge for your approval. We then provide you a quote and estimate of delivery. Email [email protected], or select REQUEST ENGRAVING QUOTE above.

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Lantern Size

36"H x 16"W [$745.00], 48"H x 20"W [$1124.00]


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