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Tetsubachi Granite Stone Water Basin



The Tetsubachi Tsukubai Japanese stone water basin is hand-carved from a quality granite piece to add a Japanese style look to your garden or outdoor area.


Tetsubachi Granite Stone Water Basin

The Tetsubachi Granite Stone Water Basin is a short water basin. The small vertical height is deliberate, causing the user to crouch down and humble oneself when washing or drinking the water. Click HERE to learn more about setting up your basin.

  • Salt and pepper hand carved granite
  • 12″D x 5″H, 85 pounds (inside diameter 3 3/4″)
  • 16″D x 7″H, 150 pounds (inside diameter 6″)
  • 18″D x 10″H, 200 pounds (inside diameter 9 1/4″)
  • 24″D x 14″H, 380 pounds (inside diameter 12 1/4″)
  • All granite orders are subject to available inventory at the time of purchase and expected shipping dates are subject to change.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Basin Size

12"D x 5"H [$280.00], 16"D x 7"H [$355.00], 18"D x 10"H [$535.00], 24"D x 14"H [$799.00]

4 reviews for Tetsubachi Granite Stone Water Basin

  1. Bob & Ann, VA

    “Guess What Arrived TODAY!!! Our granite basin. We love it. Thank you for all your help and speedy shipping. From two HAPPY customer!”

  2. Kirby Blankenship (store manager)

    Thanks, I got the bowl in a timely manner and it looks great.

  3. Aurora (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality and beautiful artwork.

  4. John Priestley II

    This is THE place to get tetsubachi for garden. Mine has been operating since May 1, 2021 (I use a solar powered water pump). The sound is heavenly, and the birds and bees love it, too!

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