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Salt & Pepper Natsume Granite Water Basin



This Natsume Tsukubai Japanese stone water basin is artfully crafted from salt and pepper granite block to provide a unique look to your traditional Japanese garden or outdoor area.


Salt & Pepper Natsume Granite Water Basin

Japanese Style’s Salt & Pepper Natsume Granite Water Basin is a beautiful addition to your Japanese garden, patio, or backyard. Complete the look with one of our bamboo ladle and listen to the water delicately trickle over the stone edges for complete serenity and relaxation. Click HERE to learn more about setting up your basin.

  • Salt and pepper granite
  • 12″H x 12″D, 150 pounds
  • 20″H x 17″D, 400 pounds
  • All granite orders are subject to available inventory at the time of purchase and expected shipping dates are subject to change.

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Basin Size

12"D x 12"H [$352.00], 17"D x 20"H [$931.00]

1 review for Salt & Pepper Natsume Granite Water Basin

  1. Avram Dalton

    We are a professional landscaping company in San Diego. We order all our lanterns from Japanese Style because the of the excellent quality and customer service.

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