Pine Needles Japanese Wind Chime



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This traditional Japanese Wind Chime Lantern Bell is great for anyone. Additionally In Japan, the wind chimes are called Furin.


Pine Needles Japanese Wind Chime

This traditional small Lantern Bell Japanese Wind Chime is great for anyone. In Japan, the wind chimes are called Furin because the name “fu” is wind, and “rin” means chime. Pine trees represent good fortune, longevity, and used for the New Year. The Japanese believe the wind chimes represent the beginning of summer and the chimes will ward off evil. The paper is hung from the center of the chime to catch the wind. Watching the wind gently moving the paper in the summer breeze makes you feel cooler in the hot summer months. The gentle breeze creates a soothing sound that is only known to Japanese chimes. The chimes are usually hung outside a window so you can hear and see the chime. Chimes are hung on the corners of the houses for protection.

  • Chime 2″ high by 2″ wide (bottom)
  • Paper is approx. 1.75″ x 9.5″
  • Cast Iron
  • From Nambu Japan


Made in Japan

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