Michigata Japanese Granite Lantern



This Michigata Japanese Granite Lantern, hand-carved from a natural granite stone, will add a traditional Japanese feel to your garden or outdoor area. Pick from available size options!


Michigata Japanese Granite Lantern

The Michigata Granite Lantern is a very contemporary design lending towards a more modern landscape. The upper body wood windows add a natural feel on the hollowed rectangle set upon two stepped blocks. All the surfaces are very clean with no additional embellishments. It conveys a very minimalist design style. It is pre-drilled with a hole to insert electrical, and includes 3 separately carved pieces for easy set up. For more information click HERE. Made of hand carved granite.

  • 30″H x 22″W, 400 pounds
  • All granite orders are subject to available inventory at the time of purchase and expected shipping dates are subject to change.

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Weight 400 lbs


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