Kojitsu Japanese Kokeshi Doll Red



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The Kojitsu Japanese Kokeshi Doll in red is a hand-carved wooden doll with intricate details and vibrant colors, symbolizing good fortune and happiness.


The Kojitsu Japanese Kokeshi Doll in red is a stunning example of traditional Japanese craftsmanship, whereas the artist uses a hot iron and sears the brown lines and dots one by one. Hand-painted, this doll features intricate details and colors. The word Kojitsu in Japanese means Good Day. With its unique style and beautiful red hue, it will make a charming addition to any home decor or collection. This Kokeshi Doll represents good fortune and is believed to bring luck and happiness to its owner. Display it proudly in your home or gift it to someone special to appreciate the beauty of Japanese culture.

  • 4″ dia. x 8.5″ tall (Medium size)
  • Head/Face: Mizuki Wood
  • Body: Chestnut
  • Wooden Tag
  • Made in Japan

Made in Japan

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Weight 2.2 lbs


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