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Michiyuki Japanese Kokeshi Doll

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The Michiyuki Japanese Kokeshi Doll by Masae Fujikawa is a handcrafted wooden doll that showcases the beauty and tradition of Japanese culture.


The Michiyuki Japanese Kokeshi Doll by Masae Fujikawa, a award winning Kokeshi artist captures the essence of Japanese culture through traditional handcrafted wooden doll. Made with meticulous attention to detail, this kokeshi doll features a vibrant kimono coat, which is a classic coat for Kimonos. Michiyuki means traveling in Japanese. Kokeshi dolls are handcrafted items made one by one by craftsmen using natural wood. Please note that there may be slight individual differences in the finish. It is a perfect decorative item and a unique gift for collectors and enthusiasts of Japanese art.

  • 4″ dia. x 8.25″ tall (Medium size)
  • Doll: Mizuki Wood
  • Wooden Tag
  • Made in Japan

Made in Japan

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