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Japanese Kokeshi Hina Doll

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Celebrate Girls’ Day with the Japanese Kokeshi Hina Doll, adorned with spring flowers and handcrafted with intricate details. A symbol of good luck and happiness for young girls.


The Japanese Kokeshi Hina Doll is a beautiful and traditional doll that is commonly displayed during the Hina Matsuri festival on March 3rd, also known as Girls’ Day. This doll features intricate details and is adorned with spring flowers, symbolizing the arrival of spring. It is a symbol of good luck and wishes for the health and happiness of young girls. The doll is handcrafted and painted by skilled artisans, making it a unique and special decoration for any home or collection. Celebrate the beauty and tradition of Japanese culture with this stunning Hina Doll.

  • 2.3″ dia. x 3.5″ tall
  • Body: Mizuki Wood
  • Wooden Tag
  • Made in Japan

Made in Japan

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