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Japanese Cat Glass Wind Chime



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Bring luck and fortune into your life with the Japanese Cat Glass Wind Chime. This Furin decoration represents the famous Maneki Neko and symbolizes good luck and protection. Perfect as a gift for friends and family.

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The Japanese Cat Glass Wind Chime, known as Furin, is a beautiful and meaningful decoration that represents the famous Japanese Maneki Neko. Believed to bring luck and money, this wind chime is a symbol of good fortune and protection. In Japanese folklore, cats are revered for their protective powers and association with good luck. Perfect as a gift, this wind chime symbolizes friendship, well-being, and offers potential spiritual protection. Hang it in your home or garden and let the gentle sound of the chimes create a calming and positive atmosphere.

  • Chime 2.5″ high by 1.75″ wide
  • Paper is approx. 2″ x 5″
  • Glass
  • Made in Japan


Made in Japan

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Weight .7 lbs


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