Feng Shui Fire Wind Chime


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Feng Shui Fire Wind Chime

In Japanese culture, the five elements are from the Japanese Buddhism beliefs and philosophy. The Feng Shui Fire Wind Chime will bring balance and a positive flow of energy into your garden, backyard, or home. The fire element represents moving things in the world, energy, drive and passion. The five basic popular elements of Feng Shui are Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, and Wood. In Japanese culture, Metal and Wood are replaced by Wind and Void (Sky or Heaven). Collect all five to balance your home and life. The beautiful sound is tuned to a five-note scale.

  • 16″ Overall Length
  • Cherry finish ash wood top
  • 5 silver anodized aluminum tubes
  • Genuine carnelian stone
  • Lifetime tuning guarantee by Woodstock Chimes

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