Imported from Japan, our authentic kimonos and komons are perfect for special events or celebrations.


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  • Children’s Panda Tai Chi T-Shirt


    Twenty four different Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) stances with pandas is printed on the front of the t-shirt. Tai Chi is a Chinese fighting style. Tai Chi is taught all over the world including Japan. This t-shirt is sure to teach you some new moves.

  • Pagoda Maple Tree Yellow Kimono


    This white traditional Japanese kimono with pagoda and maple tree in brown is quality made in Japan with 100% cotton fabric. Wear it as a comfortable robe at home or as Japanese-themed attire on a special event!

  • Love Letter Kanji Dark Navy Yukata


    This authentic Japanese navy love letter yukata is quality made in Japan with 100% cotton fabric. Perfect to wear at home or as Japanese-themed party attire.

  • Fan Design Black Chopsticks 50 Pack


    Buy this bulk pack of wedding and party favor chopsticks! These lacquered black fan chopsticks are decorated with a 3″ area on the top of each chopstick with a delicate bright gold fan design.



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