Imported from Japan, our authentic kimonos and komons are perfect for special events or celebrations.


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  • Solid-color Rectangle Paper Lanterns


    Color, color, and more color! Our Rectangle Paper Lantern is ribbed with sturdy wire and uses an expander to create the finished shape. Multiple colors are available for your color themed special event or as a gift reflecting ones favorite color.

  • Children’s Happiness Turquoise Happi Coat


    This Turquoise Happiness Childs Happi Coat features a black Japanese kanji symbol meaning happiness on the back. Perfect to wear to Japanese festivals and parties.

  • Girl’s Flowers Pink Kimono


    Rare to find small size kimono. This pink Kimono for girls features shades of blue decorated with pink and red flowers. A little oriental girl dressed in a floral kimono can be found amidst the flowers. made in Japan

  • Yukata, Deluxe Flannel Blue Plaid 58″ Long


    This authentic Japanese deluxe flannel plaid yukata is quality made in Japan with 100% cotton fabric. Perfect to wear at home to stay warm on the cold nights. The fabric is extremely soft, extra thick, cozy and warm. This traditional yukata with butterfly sleeves is made in Japan especially for Japanese Style.



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