Double Ring Japanese Rain Chain



Double Ring Japanese Rain Chain

Our Double Ring Japanese Rain Chain is a decorative alternative to the downspout or rain gutter pipe. Simply insert into your existing rain gutter drain hole or place it on a corner eave of your home or patio. In Japan, rain chains or “kusari doi” have been around for hundreds of years to provide a beautiful and functional watercourse for rain. The double ring style is a series of beautiful interlocking welded rings.

  • Made of copper which weathers to a verdigris patina finish
  • Each double ring is 2″ by 2″
  • The total length is 8’4″
  • Made of 9 gauge copper wire
  • Includes copper crossbar piece for easy hanging
  • For higher eaves, a 36″ extension is available (GRCR8X)


Additional information

Weight5 lbs

2 reviews for Double Ring Japanese Rain Chain

  1. Laurel Anderson (verified owner)

    Although they have not been installed yet, the quality looks great.

  2. Laurel Anderson (verified owner)

    These rain chains are beautiful- whether in copper or green (by soaking them in vinegar and salt)-a thousand times more attractive than downspouts!!! Japanese Style provides great customer service plus a high quality product.

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