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Oribe Japanese Stone Lantern




Oribe Japanese Stone Lantern

First produced in the Momyana period by warlord Furuta Oribe, Oribe Granite Lanterns are among the oldest Japanese stone garden lanterns. The stone lantern is a classic representation of a “planted” lantern style due to its lack of base at the bottom. The Oribe Lantern has a Buddha carving at the lantern’s base, often thought to be that of a praying missionary, resulting in it being called the Christian lantern. The lightbox has two wooden windows, one on the front and the back. There is a sun on the left side of the lightbox and a moon on the right side. The Oribe Japanese Stone Lantern comes in four sizes. It is pre-drilled with a hole to insert electrical and includes 5 separately hand-carved pieces. Made of hand-carved granite. Our monk is a deep carving just like the original ones during the Momyana Period.

  • 30″H X 10″W, 200 pounds
  • 36″H X 14″W, 240 pounds
  • 48″H X 18″W, 360 pounds
  • 60″H X 22″W, 670 pounds
  • All granite orders are subject to available inventory at the time of purchase and expected shipping dates are subject to change.

You can now personalize your granite lantern with custom engraving.  Add your street address, kanji, or text. Photo mock-ups are created at no charge for your approval. We then provide you a quote and estimate of delivery. Email info@japanesestyle.com, or select REQUEST ENGRAVING QUOTE above.


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30"H x 10"W, 36"H x 14"W, 48"H x 18"W, 60"H x 22"W

4 reviews for Oribe Japanese Stone Lantern

  1. adalberto moreno

    the stone lanterns being offered are very well made and add a nice touch to any back yard or garden, the addition of a stream or pond full of beautiful koi makes for an even lovelier area of rest and meditation. I hope to purchase some more when I can afford it.

  2. Mike Goodsell 

    A truly beautiful high quality piece! A perfect addition to our Japanese Koi Pond Garden! Highly recommend! AAA+ Service!

  3. Joan

    My Oribe granite lantern arrived with my zenigata basin. What a delight. It is so much more detailed in person. The carving is beautiful and goes perfectly with my zen garden. Also, it is a 2-3 inched taller so you can bury the lantern without losing the height. I am extremely happy!

  4. Jenny Laythem

    I love this lantern. I am pleased at the detailed workmanship. I appreciate the customer service department helping me order this beautiful lantern.

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