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Carnation Japanese Kokeshi Doll



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This Kokeshi doll is intricately crafted and dressed in natural wood with a carnation flower. A carnation symbolizes love. Give someone you love a Kokeshi doll with a carnation that will last forever. Wooden Kokeshi dolls are popular traditional folk-crafts in Japan. Made in Japan.

2 in stock

Carnation Japanese Kokeshi Doll

This Carnation Japanese Kokeshi Dollis perfectly crafted and dressed in natural wood with a flower. The doll symbolizes love. It originated in the Tohoku area, located in Northeast Japan. These dolls have grown popular as people see how nice they look. Each doll is hand-made and hand-painted in Japan.

  • 6 1/4″ tall
  • Made of Mizuki Wood
  • Made in Japan

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