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Carnation Japanese Kokeshi Doll



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This Carnation Japanese Kokeshi Doll is intricately crafted and dressed in natural wood with a carnation flower. A carnation symbolizes love. Give someone you love a Kokeshi doll with a carnation that will last forever. Wooden Kokeshi dolls are popular traditional folk-crafts in Japan. Made in Japan.

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Carnation Japanese Kokeshi Doll

This Carnation Japanese Kokeshi Dollis perfectly crafted and dressed in natural wood with a flower. The doll symbolizes love. It originated in the Tohoku area, located in Northeast Japan. These dolls have grown popular as people see how nice they look. Each doll is hand-made and hand-painted in Japan. Wooden Kokeshi dolls are popular in Japanese culture, growing in popularity as people recognize their uniqueness and artistry. This collectable Japanese doll is an excellent gift for all ages! This creative hand made display doll is also a perfect heirloom display wooden doll.

  • 6 1/4″ tall
  • Made of Mizuki Wood
  • Made in Japan

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