23″ Koinobori Koi Fish Wind Sock




23″ Koinobori Koi Fish Wind Sock

Our nylon 23″ Koinobori Koi Fish Wind Socks are delightful garden ornaments and make a colorful wall display in the home and children’s rooms. In Japan, Koi Streamers are traditionally flown on Children’s Day on May 5th. However, the largest black carp streamer represents the Father with the red representing the Mother. Finally, the flying koi symbolizes courage and ambition recognizing a tale of a koi. Then the koi swam all the way to heaven to become a dragon.

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Weight0.02 lbs

Blue, Green, Red, Black, Purple

4 reviews for 23″ Koinobori Koi Fish Wind Sock

  1. KM Parker 

    I am happy with this purchase and am excited to fly this on Children’s Day.

  2. TJ

    I’ve ordered from this business for years. Easy to use website and prompt shipping. I’ve never been disappointed with my purchases. Thanks for including the child-sized chopsticks to go with the koinobori, which I bought for a child’s first Boy’s Day. His mother was delighted with both items, although it will be a while before he can use the chopsticks. The koi were as nice as the ones I bought from this business for my own boys many years ago. Thanks!

  3. Donald Sera 

    I have purchase items previously from this store . Excellent seller.

  4. Jeff

    Great Quality. Love the eyes and colors.

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