Kimono NagaJuban


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Kimono NagaJuban

A Kimono NagaJuban is worn as an undergarment beneath a kimono, similar to an undershirt in western clothing. Plus a NagaJuban is two pieces consisting of top (HanJuban) and a bottom (Susoyoke). Thus this undergarment keep the kimono from being soiled. This NagaJuban is a premium quality because of the thicker Eri sugata collar to give your Kimono a more formal look. The body is made from a tighter woven gauze cotton. Also it also comes with a build in Haneri Emon-Nuki, which is a long sew-in attachment to help pull down the collar. Finally the NagaJuban has beautiful flowers on the sleeve and slip. Still the flower pattern will vary.

  • Medium: 25″ Shoulder seam to shoulder seam, 50″ Sleeve to Sleeve, 24 1/2 ” Long, Butterfly sleeve
  • Medium Bottom: 53″ wide, 36″ long
  • Large Top: 28″ Shoulder seam to shoulder seam, 53″ Sleeve to Sleeve, 24 1/2 ” Long, butterfly sleeve 19 1/4″ long
  • Large Bottom: 58 1/2″ wide, 36″ long
  • 100% Cotton body and upper part of the bottom NagaJuban
  • 100% Polyester sleeve, collar, and bottom part of the NagaJuban
  • Made in Japan

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