Kanzashi, Large Butterfly & Floral with Prong



Kanzashi, Large Butterfly & Floral with Prong

This Kanzashi hair decoration has three flowers and a butterfly in the middle. Additionally, Tsumami kanzashi are a traditional Japanese form of hair decoration made from folding squares of fabric, similar to origami. Also, they are most often seen adorning the hairstyles of geisha. This style of hair ornament features red shidare, or long chains of silk flowers, as well as bira-bira, which refers to the dangling metal strips.This kanzashi is mounted on a metal hair prong for wear in up-dos and ponytails.

  • 4″ sturdy, double-pronged hairpin
  • 3 flowers, each flower is 1 1/2″ in diameter, 1 butterfly
  • Shidare, or long chains of flowers, measure 4″ long

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