Kamakura Japanese Bamboo Shoji Lantern



Kamakura Japanese Bamboo Shoji Lantern

The Kamakura Japanese Bamboo Shoji Lantern is built with dried Asian bamboo. In fact built with wood collars at the top and bottom. Additionally the shade is made from pressed pulp rice paper. Moreover this version makes either a great small floor lamp, or a wonderful extra tall table lamp, diffusing a rich, warm, indirect light through out the room. Finally this makes a great addition to any home
  • Kiln dried bamboo pole lamp body and wood collars
  • Fiber reinforced rice paper shade with decorative ring lattice
  • UL approved wheel switch, power cord, and bulb sockets
  • The shorter of two similar bamboo floor lamp designs
  • Available in two sizes, both are distinctive hand crafted home décor accessories; accent lighting at it’s best. Browse our entire selection of Japanese style floor lamps for the perfect lighting for those dark corners in your home or office



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