Charcoal Japanese Bath Set



Charcoal Japanese Bath Set

Our Charcoal Japanese Bath Set comes from a long history of using charcoal for bathing and cleaning. Also, this set comes with a 30 x 30cm microfiber hand towel that makes drying off quickly easy. We provide a 35g charcoal soap bar for use by the sink or in the shower. We also give a bath powder with this set for long relaxing baths.

Made in Japan

  • Material / component:
  • 30 x 30cm microfiber hand Towel 1 sheet.
  • 20g Aroma Bath Powder
  • 35g Soap
  • 1 Pc Each Pcs

Additional information

Weight.8 lbs

2 reviews for Charcoal Japanese Bath Set

  1. Denis (verified owner)

    It was given as a Christmas gift to my daughter, she loves it!

  2. Hollis (verified owner)

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