Girl’s Flowers Blue Kimono




Girl’s Flowers Blue Kimono

Rare, hard-to-find size for your little girl. This Girl’s Flowers Blue Kimono features shades of blue decorated with pink and red flowers. A little oriental girl dressed in a floral kimono can be found amidst the flowers. The butterfly-styled sleeves add an additional charm that any little girl will love. This authentic Kimono is made in Japan and includes a matching pink belt.

Size: Measure the wrist to wrist for the sleeve to sleeve width, and shoulder to ankle length to give you the length, then select the best fit. The Kimono can be longer, tie up the extra length and add an obi belt. The age sizes are for recommendations only. The sizes below can vary up to 1/4″. (Shrink resistant finish)

  • 25″ in length, 12″ shoulder to the shoulder seam, 29″ sleeve to sleeve (age 0-2)
  • 30″ in length, 14″ shoulder to the shoulder seam, 33″ sleeve to sleeve (age 1-3)
  • 35″ in length, 15″ shoulder to the shoulder seam, 35″ sleeve to sleeve (age 3-5)
  • 40″ in length, 17″ shoulder to the shoulder seam, 39″ sleeve to sleeve (age 5-7)
  • 45″ in length, 18″ shoulder to the shoulder seam, 40″ sleeve to sleeve (age 7-9)
  • 50″ in length, 19″ shoulder to the shoulder seam, 43″ sleeve to sleeve (age 9-11)
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine washable (Shrink resistant finish)
  • Includes matching belt

Additional information

Weight0.6 lbs

25" [$34.95], 30" [$37.95], 35" [$39.95], 40" [$44.95], 45" [$49.95], 50" [$54.95]


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